03. Alchemy Point of the FIRE Element: San Francisco, CA

The San Bruno Fireball of 09 Sep 2010, 10 miles directly south and 7 days after the AM47 Point of FIRE.

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Project ALTER MAN 47 is the visionary voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world; Borne of a dream & guided by astonishing Synchronicity to include an ancient Alchemical process within humankind’s emerging potential to truly change. The AM47 crew aim to further generate Synchronicity and help alter earth’s destiny by circumnavigating the globe to exalt *The AM47 Pentaform : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*.

[ AM47 was conceived in early 2007 and has been evolving ever since. There’s a lot to take in here and much of it needs editorial polish. I’d recommend scroll-scanning through some pages (esp. the 5 destination pages) to get a better sense of the content and the scope. There is metaphysical content ahead. Please don’t dismiss this out of hand. The core project is perfectly tangible and relevant to this real world. The occult angle is for those who recognize it: No *Belief* Required. This is an experiential tale & a true story. ]

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Four locations in perfect cross-quarter formation around the world are naturally manifesting the characteristics of the 4 Classical Elements of ALCHEMY. The goal of Project ALTER MAN 47 (AM47) is to film the journey of an alt-fuel ex-military ship that will circumnavigate the globe to connect all four of these points, one every three months, over the course of a year and in so doing help raise the magical Awareness of mankind. The timing of the voyage is set to the ancient Sumero-Babylo-Egyptian/sidereal astrological year. Departing from the Point of FIRE in San Francisco, to the Point of WATER off the coast of Japan, to the Point of AIR in Iran/Turkmenistan, to the Point of EARTH in the Azores, and back to the Point of FIRE in San Francisco to complete the magic circle.

When the Sun aligns with the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Leo, the Point of Elemental FIRE (PoEF) can be expected to manifest in the inspired city of San Francisco, CA, USA. The next PoEF is on 01 SEP 2012 (and then again on 31 AUG 2013, 02 SEP 2014, etc.). The AM47 ship was scheduled to have departed from San Francisco shortly after the PoEF on 02 SEP 2008, but sadly the required publicity and subsequent funding for the project was not secured in time for that years attempt. The exact location in San Francisco where the PoEF will be held is yet to be determined, but there are a few good spots under consideration. Currently, Baker Beach, the location of the original Burning Man event in 1986, is being used as a general base point to plot the other three points around the globe. But after careful reflection, the man-made Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay seems like the obvious choice.

There are many cultural and spiritual dimensions to this most progressive city, but some in particular are of direct relevance to Project AM47. The annual Burning Man festival began in San Francisco and is currently celebrated in mid-sidereal Leo, FIRE! The recently formed Burning Man Project Non-Profit Organization (BMP) is based in downtown SF. One of the many missions of the BMP is to build an “urban cultural center” in San Francisco that will provide, among other things, sites for FIRE ritual and ceremony! AM47 is seeking to coordinate with the BMP (among others) to determine the location of these FIRE ritual sites. There, the crew and attendees of AM47 was/is to generate, observe, dedicate and send Elemental FIRE into Awareness.

The AM47 ship was/is then to depart on its circumnavigation of the globe to the other 3 points before returning again to San Francisco. After a successfully documented and magically transformative journey around the world, the ship was/is to again set sail north in late September for Alert, Nunavut , the northernmost inhabited city on the planet near the North Pole, for the Point of Elemental AETHER and the Gateway of Arcturus on 17 OCT 2012 (16 OCT 2013, 18 OCT 2014, etc.), thus completing The Pentaform: A Psycho-Cosmic Pyramid Crowning Gaia. Although funding for the journey was not secured for a 2014 departure, the cycle begins anew each year and Project AM47 will try again for a scheduled departure on 01 SEP 2015 from San Francisco’s Alchemical Point of FIRE.

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FIREy facts about San Francisco. Here is a chronological history of all the potent information, news and events from this location, most of which have obviously uncanny Elemental connotations:

1. (Ancient) San Francisco is of course situated on a nexus point of tectonic plate activity on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Pacific Ring of Fire

2. (1700) The funerary fires of the native Ohlone Indians of San Francisco from ? to the 1700’s. I’ve heard more than once that Native Americans considered San Francisco a ‘land of the dead’, a burial ground reserved for ancestors. Did S.F. used to be a big crematorium? A beautiful peninsula on the vast sea where the Sun disappeared on the western horizon?? The Ohlone Indians are a lost civilization.

Native Ohlone Americans painted in red clay and ash to mimic the Spanish military.

3. (1847) The gold-fever-fire of the Gold Rush in San Francisco, 1848. San Francisco was named San Francisco in 1847. Also in 1847, the first printing press and newspaper “The California Star” was started-up. Arguably then, writers started the Gold Rush in 1847.

Sail to San Francisco for Gold!

4. (1906) The Great Fire after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake burned the entire city to the ground.

The Great Fire of San Francisco, 1906.

5. ‎(1939) The centerpiece of the 1939 World’s Fair, The Tower of the Sun was a slim, octagonal needle with a statue of a phoenix at the top that extended majestically 400 feet into the air on Treasure Island in the San Francisco bay.

The Tower of the Sun was a slim, octagonal needle with a statue of a phoenix at the top that extended majestically 400 feet into the air.

6. (1967) The hippie’s psychic-fire surrounding the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco, CA. How did the capitol of counterculture become such a techie cage? The magic of AM47 aims to amend that fatal flaw… in spades.

Jimi Hendrix guitar fire at the Monterey Pop Festival in Monterey, CA, just before the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco, CA.

7. (1986) The birthplace of Burning Man on Baker Beach, San Francisco. This will serve as the AM47 Point of FIRE unless or until a more suitable location in San Francisco can be found.

The second Burning Man on Baker Beach, San Francisco, CA, 1987.

8. (07 Jul 2007) The discovery of the ALTER MAN 47 Point of Elemental FIRE along with the other 4 Elemental Points, in San Francisco, CA, USA, Gaia.

The 4 Points of AM47

9. (13 Dec 2008) The former navy ship White Holly, now a privately operated scientific research vessel run by Captain Vince Backen, was entered into The Sausalito Yacht Club “Parade of Lights” held in the San Francisco Bay. The White Holly was altered and given a Burning Man Makeover including a Tesla Coil and an array of fire and lighting effects. The ship looks like a smaller version of what I imagine the AM47 ship will be. Must contact Captain Vince Backen!!!

10. (07 Apr 2009) I went out my door into the S.F. SoMa neighborhood and for blocks and blocks I saw all these different posted flyers for this thing called The Jejune Institute. As it turns out, the Jejune Institute (a brilliant ARG) shares many uncanny semblances to AM47. Read all about the synchronicity here: AM47 & J.I.

The J.I. flyer outside my front door.

11. (15 May 2009) J.J.Abrams’ Star Trek XI featured a giant point of alien laser FIRE on San Francisco!!!

Alien laser fire near *StarFleet Headquarters*, San Francisco, 2150?

12. (05 Sep 2009) The first microcosmic Burning Man called “Balsa Man” took place back at the original Point of Fire on Baker Beach, S.F., CA. The Burning Man microcosm… As Above, So Below.

13. (02 Sep 2010) The Point of Elemental FIRE was observed (yet not celebrated) in San Francisco on 02 Sep 2010, at the center of sidereal Leo. Seven days later on 09 Sep 2010 (3/4 of the way into sidereal Leo), a gas main exploded in South San Francisco. The explosion caused a 1000 ft. fireball and an inferno that took nine lives and injured hundreds more.

14. (21 Sep 2010) A 47 ft. whale beached itself on ocean beach. Scientists think the whale could be a new hybrid species. Profound Interspecial Human-Cetacean Exchange is a big part of AM47, and the 47 goes without saying.

A 47 ft. Hybrid-Whale beaches itself on Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

A 47 ft. Hybrid-Whale beaches itself on Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

15. (18 Feb 2011) President Bill Clinton spoke metaphysically at the 2011 RSA information security conference in San Francisco. I just finished work at the 2011 RSA information security conference. The closing keynote speech was given by President Bill Clinton and was “No Press Allowed”… so here’s the scoop: Most of the speech focused on the economy and the importance of protecting “cyberspace”, but the last few minutes held the keys. Speaking to the folks who have the (technical) power to essentially shut down the internet, he said in so many words – Don’t Shut Down The (American) Internet! Then he took a philosophical turn and mentioned that though he very much wanted to sail over the North Pole, Greenland is in real danger of melting and shutting down the North Atlantic Ocean Current which would drastically alter the world climate and make Europe uninhabitable. He said that the “Great Sumerian Civilization” failed to “revitalize” and that we were in danger too if we did not revitalize (Ancient Sumerians created sidereal astrology). Then he spoke of a star in the constellation of (sidereal) Libra that has an earth-like planet and how he hopes that “contact is soon”. In closing he affirmed his belief in both “God” and the inherent goodness of human nature through the recent discovery by the CERN supercollider that positive particles are slightly heavier than negative particles, and that creativity does and will prevail over chaos. It sounded like he’d been reading AM47 ;) Of course a direct read isn’t necessarily required if you can tap into the collective unconscious… The new CIA = Collective Intuitive Awareness.

Bill Clinton at RSA 2011 (sneakily shot from the wayback ;)

16. (20 Jun 2011) The Burning Man Project non-profit organization launched in San Francisco, with stated plans of building an “urban cultural center in San Francisco that will provide, among other things, sites for FIRE ritual and ceremony!” I’ve been *writing* for this to happen for the past 4 years and now it’s a reality… the Fire is set to spread in brave new ways, “around the world and around the year!”

17. (02 Sep 2011) Burning Man 2011 featured The Man on a pyramid that was cross-quarter surrounded by 4 smaller pyramids. The theme was “Rites of Passage” (aka Ceremonial Migration). It was the first time The Man was in a walking pose… traveling. Sounds a lot like AM47. Here is something I wrote to ALL the Burning Man 2011 newspapers that NONE of them published :(:

Radically Inspired Ceremonial Migration

I miss Burning Man… every time. Whether it’s the crowds, the asthma or the cash, there’s always been some obstacle. I’m still in San Francisco, but I’m working the home-fire magic by cultivating the emanant 11th Principal of Burning Man: Radical Inspiration.

This year’s theme is “Rites of Passage”, which could be understood as Ceremonial Migration. Burning Man migrated to the playa from San Francisco. The new Burning Man Project aims to create FIRE ritual and ceremony sites here in San Francisco! I’ve been *writing* for this to happen for the past 4 years and now it’s a reality. And the Fire is set to spread in brave new ways, “around the world and around the year”.

As in the 10th Principal, Immediacy, I propose taking “the immediate experience of overcoming barriers that stand between us and contact with a natural world exceeding human powers” to the extreme. If You really mean that too, then I’ve got an ultimate experiment to test it: an alchemical voyage. I’ve discovered 4 locations on the planet that are naturally manifesting the characteristics of the 4 Classical Elements, and they are in perfect formation around the globe. How’s this for a Radically Inspired Ceremonial Migration: from Burning Man (Fire), to Quenching Woman in Japan (Water), to Soaring Child in Turkmenistan (Air), to Grounding Tribe in the Azores (Earth)… you could say it’s the alchemical progression of Burning Man. And after this year-long quest to connect the 4 points is complete, mankind might be so positively impacted that we could even call it: Alter Man.

Out there in the desert, consider these 4 points and the strange chaos that organized them for this magical opportunity of mass Awareness. There are 4 semi-pyramids surrounding The Man in your midst. At some point in your wander, assign one pyramid to each of the 4 Elements and spontaneously organize an alchemical procession from pyramid-to-pyramid; generating, observing, dedicating and sending the magical forces into Awareness.

Encouraged under the Sun with The Heart of Leo’s star beating down, let’s share a mind to take Burning Man Beyond the playa. I am inviting you from afar to join me in being Aware of the co-creation of this Rite of Passage taking the form of a Ceremonial Migration around the world. Consider this postcard #1 of many to come from The 4 Corners of the Earth via The 7 Seas. Fuego!

Burning Man 2011

18. (03 Sep 2011) AM47 was @ Balsa Man 2011. Balsa Man is a microcosmic version of Burning Man held at the original spot of Burning Man on Baker Beach, S.F., CA. As Above So Below.

19. (01 Oct 2011)  Scott Onstott’s Secrets of San Francisco reveals the Masonic design of the city.

The two pyramids of San Francisco.

20. (17 Nov 2011) On this, the last possible day that AM47 could have (and was scheduled to have done if the required publicity and funding had been secured) departed form San Francisco to Japan, robotic Wave-Glider submarines set sail from S.F. to Japan instead… Robots. Robots instead of AM47!?! *!@$$^!

Poor little dolphin had to play with a robot instead of the AM47 crew :(

21. (22 Apr 2012) “A sonic boom heard across Northern California on 22 Apr 2012 had an out-of-this world origin as “a large meteoric event” according to NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. The meteorite is a very rare type of rock called CM chondrite, which makes up less than 1 per cent of the meteorites that fall to Earth. CM chondrites contain carbon and organic materials such as amino acids. Some believe this type of meteorite may have brought the first building blocks of life to Earth. Vital nucleobases in this type of meteorite are the very binary bits of DNA, the base pairs that make up the vital genetic information and these bases are unquestionably alien.” Alien DNA to… alter man??

Meteor Boom over the San Francisco Bay Area.

22. (09 May 2012) I made first contact with The Burning Man Project in a free class on “The Online Presence of Creative Types” sponsored by and at the BMP headquarters in downtown San Francisco. My volunteer status and creative relationship with the BMP is currently developing. One of the stated goals of the Burning Man Project LLC aims to create FIRE ritual and ceremony sites here in San Francisco! If you are in SF, please contribute your skills and participate!!

The Burning Man Project is really going places… all places.

23. (01 Sep 2012) AM47 was scheduled to display an interactive model at Balsa Man 2012 (which happened to fall on the same day as AM47’s Point of FIRE!) but due to police presence (public gatherings are illegal in the land of the free), the location wasn’t released until the day before the event. It was the first time that the event was ever held Outside of San Francisco, and I missed my ride… can you believe it. So I decided to activate the AM47 model on my roof instead and it didn’t work the way I’d intended anyway so I guess that’s something. But I did perform an improvised Alchemical FIRE Rite was followed by something that SPOOKED me <click here for SPOOKED).

AM47 Alchemical Model

On the roof on 01 Sep 2012, mid-Sidereal Leo.

Brilliant Double rainbow pours into my magic circle 4 days later…

…A Giant Fiery Angel of Death was in pursuit of the rainbow. Hard to see here but the angel was distinct: the skull, arms, wings and part of the body were unmistakeable, and frightening.

24. (30 Sep 2012) Scott Onstott’s Secrets in Plain Sight : Burning Man featured a post on the Sacred Geometry of Burning Man.

BRC alignments.


25. (01 SEP 2013) The Great Yosemite Rim Fire shares a shocking parallel to the AM47 Point of Alchemical FIRE: Read all about it here.

26. (11 DEC 2013)  Treasure Island, S.F., CA Bay, ideal location to hold an SF FIRE ceremony and launch the AM47 ship turns out to be highly contaminated by radiation.

27. (12 DEC 2013) Had a fantastic meeting at the new BMP HQ! News to follow…

28. Fukushima debris wave set to hit SF soon… :(

29. Burning Man Magic on a Grand Scale!

30. I need an ex-military vessel. The Navy has a ton of ships in the SF Bay that are rusting and polluting the bay. What if I contact the EPA, Navy, Gov’t, to get them to just fucking GIVE me one to refurbish? I’d be de-polluteing the bay and everything! This would be an ideal transformation of a weapon of war into an Alchemical Vessel!

31. .?.

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To read the uncanny tale of how AM47 came to be, click ALTER MaN underwAy

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