(a 47 second fantastical creep-clip by Jack Foolman)

A little lightning, a little rain, a

brilliant double rainbow into a

Magic Circle, and a giant fiery

Angel of Death from above.

I performed an improvised Alchemical FIRE Rite on 01 Sep 2012, in mid-Sidereal Leo, at & during the AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE, and 4 days later an uncommon summer storm hit San Francisco. I was coming home in the SoMa at the tail end of the storm and I looked up and saw a brilliant double rainbow and some very imposing cloud formations. As I’d done a little *magic* just 4 days before, I was casually expecting *something*, so I ran up to my roof to get a better view.

I was stunned by the brilliant double rainbow to the east. From my perspective, as soon as I opened the roof door, the rainbows poured directly into the Magic Circle I’d made just a few nights before! The other end of the rainbows appeared to be ’emanating’ from a billboard about Gambling of all things… Gold at the end of the rainbow!! But that was nothing compared to what I saw when a strange feeling caused me to turn around to the west behind me.

In the cloud formations to the west was a full-blown Giant Fiery Angel Of Death: literally the formation of a giant & malevolent red skull complete with arcing cirrus wings, clear shoulder, arm and suggestions of a ribcage manifested from the clouds. It was one of those ‘Oh Shit’ moments where you think ‘is that thing that I’m imagining actually looking back at me?’

I was spooked, and I do not spook easily. The pictures I got with my phone Do NOT do either the rainbows or the Angel of Death justice. The sun was going down fast and the light was rapidly changing for my phone camera to capture the shots. But I can tell you from my heart that I was frightened… the Giant Skull looked like it was about to swoop down and bite me in half. True Story… Still Spooked.

Alchemy on the roof, 4 days before.

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