Working-class Alchemy from the AM47 Point of FIRE in 2012.

AM47 Alchemical Model

AM47 Alchemical Model

The maiden voyage of The Last Chance

“When two events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry, one must always pay Strict! attention.” ~ Agent Cooper, Twin Peaks

When a FIRE celebration/ceremony independently falls on the selfsame day and location that you had proposed a FIRE celebration/ceremony to be 5 years ago, it’s kind of a once in a lifetime thing… and I blew it. I’d planned on preforming an improvised Alchemical Rite at Balsa Man 2012, but the location changed at the last minute and it was too far for me to make it in time. So I got pissed and preformed the rite on my roof instead. And I found that it wouldn’t have worked right anyway, but now I know how it will next time (if there is one). Still, this type of synchronicity comes and goes and you can’t help but blame yourself for missing it. There’s no bearded guy-in-the-sky to make sure you make it, there is only you to take your own heat. I am on a synchronicity freeway and I see no reason for these strange opportunities to continue and grow.

But if I should I die before I wake, here’s my epitaph: Reached Further, Failed Bigger

(not suicidal, just sayin’)

The Last Chance

The Last Chance

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