The shaman is drawn to the pain.

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There are 5 Elemental locations around the globe (for the purposes of Project ALTER MAN 47) and Treasure Island in San Francisco California has marked the Point of Alchemical FIRE since 2007.

Last Monday (9/2/19, the very day after Burning Man, “Metamorphoses” was the theme this year ;) marked the Sun’s annual alignment with the direct center of Sidereal Leo (Fixed Fire) according to the ancient original zodiacal reckoning of the Sumero-Babylo-Egyptian sidereal zodiac, and AM47 was there.



Treasure Island is currently under total redevelopment and the entire western shoreline where I needed to setup my altar was/is razed to the dirt and fenced off with absolute zero access.

But there was one small space, and one small space only at the NWesternmost tip of the island to setup the AM47 ALTAER, and it was right next to the “radiologically controlled area” containing the radioactive nuclear waste leftover from when the island was a US Navy base.


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AM47 first manifested as a Vision Dream in early 2007, and were money no object, the first “revolutionary cycle” of AM47’s global alchemical voyage would/should have commenced in late 2008.

Looking back, I just realized that that also coincided with the start of Solar Cycle 24 in late 2008 (2008-2019). The “Solar Cycles” are the sun’s 11 year magnetic-pole-flip cycle caused in large part by the cycles of Jupiter and Venus, and the scientists say Solar Cycle 25 begins… NOW (late 2019).

There have been many catastrophic events and circumstances over the past 11 years which made the AM47 voyage impossible. The next destination out from the San Francisco FIRE is the Point of Alchemical WATER which as fate would have it would also turn out to be the direct epicenter for the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. The third destination out from there is the Point of Alchemical AIR on the desert borderlands of Turkmenistan and Iran where the historic Iran Nuclear Deal’s short 3-year life has been ended.

Nuclear. Nuclear. Nuclear.


Is this the last post of a failed cycle or the first post of a new cycle?

Take care and CONTROL,


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