01. ALTER MAN 47: The Visionary Voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world.



Project ALTER MAN 47 is the visionary voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world; Borne of a dream & guided by astonishing Synchronicity to include an ancient Alchemical process within humankind’s emerging potential to truly change. The AM47 crew aim to further generate Synchronicity and help alter earth’s destiny by circumnavigating the globe to exalt *The AM47 Pentaform : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*.

[ AM47 was conceived in early 2007 and has been evolving ever since. There’s a lot to take in here and much of it needs editorial polish. I’d recommend scroll-scanning through some pages after this one (esp. the 5 destination pages) to get a better sense of the content and the scope. There is metaphysical content ahead. Please don’t dismiss this out of hand. The core project is perfectly tangible and relevant to this real world. The occult angle is for those who recognize it: No *Belief* Required. This is a true story. ]

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The Alchemical Great Work has remained an elusive spiritual mystery. It is the core of an evolutionary metaphysical experiment developing right now. Central to the Great Work are the 4 Classical Elements and the 7 Inner Planets. Four locations in perfect formation around the globe are naturally and profoundly manifesting characteristics of each of the 4 Elements. (This Elemental pattern is found no where else on the planet and is in the correct ordering of Alchemical transformation.) A voyage is being organized to circumnavigate the globe and link these locations in order to generate, observe, dedicate and send these magical forces into Awareness by completing *The AM47 Pentaform: A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. The cycle of project AM47 annually begins again on 02 Sep 2013 (& 01 Sep 2014, etc.).

[ The video is a very rough (and outdated) draft of a 47 second vid encapsulating the Alchemical mission of AM47. Another vid is being made that details the more tangible elements of the project like the ship, the crew, the course, the ports, the alt-fuel, the alt-culture, the alt-tech, the Maker Faired build, the Burning Manly design and content of the interior/exterior, the sister projects, the sponsors, the crowdfunding, budget, etc., etc.
music & vox: Paul Fix, logos: Justin Guenther, imagery: Zack Covell, words & image-flow: Jack F. ]

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AM47 is both an ongoing project of extreme collaborative creativity and an upcoming experimental film documentary.

We are going to chronicle a voyage aboard a 470 ft. decommissioned military vessel transformed into an alternatively fueled and Maker Faire equipped, Burning Man styled ship of dreams to carry us on this unprecedented circumnavigation of the globe to help Alter the Awareness of Mankind.

The Magus of The Great Workby Basil Valentine

The Alchemical Great Work, by Basil Valentine

As evidenced throughout AM47, much fascinating and undeniably meaningful Synchronicity is associated with the development of the project thus far and we fully expect this to continue and evolve into truly legendary experiences, captured and broadcast on digital film and otherwise.

Both the 2008 bio-fueled race around the globe called Earthrace and the annual Burning Man pilgrimage (and Burning Man Project!) were major inspirations of Project AM47, and in many ways AM47 is like the Alchemical progression of Burning Man taken to The 4 Corners of the Earth via The 7 Seas.

AM47 Earth base w fool

The 4 Elemental Points of AM47
by Jack F.

The project was induced and is influenced by Synchronicity (again!, I know), Vision Dreaming, Alchemy, ancient Babylo-Egyptian/Sidereal Astrology, and even inter-special cetacean-human communication.

AM47 is providing evidence that these ‘fringe sciences’ are not only real but crucial to the future of mankind. AM47 is documenting the current effect of these spiritual techniques and developing ways they can be used together to manifest the project and improve our inner reality and our outer world.

Activated Point of ALCHEMY, by Unknown

The trip will take one full year to complete on a very particular time schedule set to the ancient Babylo-Egyptian Sidereal Zodiacal year, on a very particular course, connecting 4 destinations spanning the globe.

These 4 Points have been found to have a profound Alchemical significance, each relating to the 4 Classical Elements: FIRE is in San Francisco, WATER is at the Japan Trench, AIR is in Turkmenistan/Iran, EARTH is in the Azores and also AETHYR is above the North Pole along the Solar Apex. Together they make The AM47 Pentaform: a psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia.

This Cosmate by Unknown

This Cosmate, by Unknown

In addition to the esoterica, we aim to provide tangible innovative knowledge along the way including alternative energy demonstrations, sustainable agriculture models, and all manner of alternative living mindset and technology that we can fit aboard the ship, in addition to performances and entertainment.

We are currently seeking a crew of shipmates, filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, mystics, freaks, lovers, fishermen and of course benefactors to depart from San Francisco by 17 Oct 2012 (or 16 Oct 2013, etc.). The crew should have a strong core group willing to make a 14 month commitment. The rest of the crew are free to also make the 14 month commitment, or when that’s not possible, to fly into certain ports along the way for whatever duration we can arrange. Ideally though, we’d like the same crew for the duration.


The Octobolt Order, by Unknown

This project is a logistical nightmare and a sunken juggernaut without the right team to manifest it.  We need all kinds of folks willing to contribute some of their time, expertise and passion. We need a professional website and video (under construction). We need web help, production help, marketing help, crowdfunding help, editorial help, research help, legal and probably mental help.

If you’re interested in being involved in a visionary project that will challenge you on every possible level, you’ve found it. And you’re own added Intent to the project is vital… so set your course and jump on-board!

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To dive deeper into this crazy dream, start by visiting the front page here: ALTER MAN 47

Then read about the scope of AM47 and how this uncanny tale came to be, here: ALTER MaN underwAy

Or jump right in to explore the 4 Points around the globe and click FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and also AETHYR

To read a *trancescript* of the visionary dream that inspired this entire project, click Delta & Dawn Dream

And all the latest news and developments of Project AM47 are here: Latest AM47 Posts

Email Me!!: jack.fool@alterman47.org

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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