15. The Familiar (the ‘fictionalized’ version of AM47)

Leontocephalous – Mithras


***UNDER CONSTRUCTION, 28 May 2012***

(Late 2009) I had fully intended to commence this voyage/film in late 2008. That proved to be impossible due to illness, procrastination and also the ever-evolving nature and scope of the project, not to mention the untimely death of a friend and co-producer and the disorganization of our fledgling crew. And without editorial assistance, I got and still get distracted and overwhelmed. I thought and still think that this project should have been underway in late 2008, even though I now see how that was totally unrealistic given the circumstances and my own lack of experience. I have now settled on a realistic launch date of late 2011, two years from now. And if I don’t end up literally going on this voyage, then I’ll capture it figuratively in my imagination as speculative fantasy, a metafiction (beyond fiction) tale called THE FAMILIAR. As a producer I see AM47 as scaffolding with a lot of opportunities for other creatives to flesh-out the project and in essence make the project their own. The task of assembling a crew (production, underway, shiphandling, etc.) is really the next step. This is an open-collaborative work in progress. It invites and attributes scholarly metaphysical discipline as a valid course of inquiry alongside more conventional methods. Please contact, criticize, connect and contribute to this and to the future of your changing world!


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