The Fall of Man, Once More




  1. A CHANGE (toward improvement or restoration).
  2. The OTHER (of the two, or more).
  3. A CUT TO FIT.

May 31, 2018. Today marks the end of the 11th lapsed cycle of completing the Project ALTER MAN 47 alchemical voyage around the world since it’s conception in early 2007. The 12th annual cycle begins again on September 1, 2018 on center zodiacal Sidereal Leo, but I predict -human.kind- will mistake it, once more.

Since invoking Project AM47 in 2007, the breakthrough Iran Nuclear Deal finally cracked *ages of ice* at the third of the five AM47 voyage destination points around the globe: Iran/Turkmenistan/Gonur Tepe – birthplace of Zoroastrianism, THE ancient mystery cult and mother of all monotheism… remember?<<<?

As -human.kind- refutes the gift of AM47’s unprecedented Alchemical CHANGE, it inevitably conjures AM47’s auxiliary function: A CUT TO FIT. AM47 is a test, and -human.kind- has failed. And Now the punitive nature of ALTER is in effect: CHANGE OR DIE. This 12th AM47 cycle may well be the last.

AM47 is a chance to restore -human.kind- to a pristine state. But the “leadership and those” of the USA, Issrael, and Sssaudi Arabia’s hydroid Empire are killing it. XXXX XXXX XXXXXXX  XXX XXXX …too bad we all end too. That is unless the EU, Russia, China, and AM47 take the wheel. AM47 is open for business with IRAN.

Today is also on center zodiacal Sidereal Taurus – the alchemical point of elemental Earth in the Azores Archipelago – the fourth of the five AM47 voyage destination points around the globe: ALTLANTIS, of course. REMEMBER?<<<?

Twin Peaks: The Return Episode 8’s “Fortress in the Mauve Zone” may be the closest we ever get to witnessing what I hoped and dreamed of as the Azores Archipelago Point of Elemental Earth visit:

**** *******

~Side Note~  the latitude of four of the five AM47 voyage destinations around the globe are at 37.47 N, same as the Korean divide, not that I worry about that one too much. Also Gobekli Tepe, kind of a big deal Donald. Oh, and the vast majority of every other major power center of modern civilization is within a few degrees N & S too.

~Next Post~  Much More on Graham Hancock’s  vital  Magicians of the Gods culture-hero-deluge-sailors: Zoroastrian Yima, Sumerian Ziusudra, Semitic Noah, Incan Viracocha, Aztec Quetzalcoatl, dream-ships and gear, catastrophic emissaries, Gobekli Tepe pillar #43 Scorpio and Sagittarius = *they* are talking to US/our time (1960-2040) for the comet’s return… my lifetime

~Post Script~  Upon reading about AM47, many have/will accuse me of pareidolia – seeing patterns that “don’t exist”… You Are Blind. You Are Nothing. Your End is Near read on ;)

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To dive deeper into this crazy dream, start by visiting the front page here: ALTER MAN 47

Then read about the scope of AM47 and how this uncanny tale came to be, here: ALTER MaN underwAy

Or jump right in to explore the 4 Points around the globe and click FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and also AETHYR

To read a trancescript of the visionary dream that inspired this entire project, click Delta & Dawn Dream

And all the latest news and developments of Project AM47 are here: Latest AM47 Posts


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