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Project ALTER MAN 47 beat Russia to claim the North Pole in 2007 by 3 weeks!!

Will the North Pole (AM47 Point of AETHYR) host the final conflict or unite humanity?

Alt-Fuel for Man and Machine

The late 2013 developments of ALTERMAN47 : The Alchemical Voyage!

Magic on a Grand Scale in Burning Man

The AM47 Alchemical Voyage has failed to launch again, The End of the World is well underway & 2047 is The Point of No Return!

The ALTERMAN47 v2.0 Website Is Coming Soon!!

The Undersea Pyramid Discovered In The Azores Is Set To Spark An Alchemical Voyage Around The World, 7 Years In The Making!

20 Dark Portents from 2006-2014 directly related to the delay of Project ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage

An Undersea Pyramid has just been discovered in the Azores archipelago! Heavy Synchronicity with AM47!!

The film PACIFIC RIM shares a fascinating Synchronicity with a modern-day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work!

The Great Fukushima Nuclear Disaster shares a tragically spooky Synchronicity with a modern day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work

The Great Yosemite Rim Fire shares a tragically spooky Synchronicity with a modern day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work

The Yosemite Rim Fire as visible from space, 5 days before the AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE in San Francisco

State of Emergency declared for San Francisco due to wildfires 7 days before the AM47 Alchemical Point of Elemental FIRE in S.F.!

The USA & Israel want war with Iran but AM47 just needs a visa through Iran.

Happy Birthday and Solar Return to all Sidereal LEO’s beginning today! Right Now!!

AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE, 2013

How the shrinking Arctic Sea Ice at the North Pole will make The Alchemy of Project AM47 possible.

The name of the ALTER MAN 47 ship is EL MANTRA 47: a Spanish, Semitic, & Sanskrit Synchronicity.

Project AM47 shares the same latitude with almost every other modern power center on earth.

An international troupe of Tribal Fest belly-dancers would be the perfect landing crew of Project ALTER MAN 47!

President Obama put the Brutha in Big Brother

The X-47B Flying Autonomous Terminator Drone’s Head Excised

Bridging the Occult Societies of San Francisco

The “47 Communications PR Agency” meets Project ALTER MAN 47!!

Hardcore self-analysis using Kenneth Bowser’s fantastic book “An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology”.

The Magic of the Azores and the Terror from Outer Space during the 2013 AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH!

EL MANTRA : The Mantra! The name of Project ALTER MAN 47′s ship is The Mantra.

A Giant Asteroid 1998 QE2, Will Pass Planet Earth on the exact date of the AM47 Alchemical Point of Elemental EARTH!!!

Project ALTER MAN 47 Changes Everything!

The 2010 Icelandic Volcanic Eruption & The upcoming AM47 Alchemical Point of Elemental EARTH on 31 May 2013 in the Azores.

If Mitt Romney hadn’t been secretly filmed with his “47%” comment and won the presidency, we’d already be in WW3 by now.

The History of Astrology is the History of Civilization Itself!!

Aquarius 2013: The AM47 Point of Elemental AIR in Sidereal Aquarius!

The FINAL TWO hours of Project AM47′s 1st Indiegogo campaign… LIKE & SHARE!!

The history of astrology/nomy is the history of civilization itself, beginning with Nabonassar, King of Babylonia 747-734 BCE!

AM47 Indiegogo Crowdsourcing Campaign Updated (Just 5 Days Left… Like & SHARE!)

470 Kiloton Meteor Explosion As The Sun Enteres Sidereal Aquarius

Look At The Spike Of Activity On My WebPage As The Sun Entered Sidereal AQUARIUS!

Russian Meteorite Exalts Sidereal Aquarius On Planet Earth!

The Alteration of Diet & Time are The Keys to the Survival of Humankind.

THE FUTURE! Starring President Obama as ALTER MAN 47 !?!

VOTE to send me into ORBIT!!

Project ALTER MAN 47′s crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo: UPDATE!

Help Me Win A Trip Into Outer Space!!!

Catching my Lunar/Tide Graph watch at 47 seconds 93% of the time! Supernatural Synchronicity!!

If Egypt Collapses then Project ALTER MAN 47 is Doomed.

North Korea Nukes Hollywood!!! News @ AM47!

Help me manifest this Alchemical Voyage in 2013!

The Oblivion of Monotheism

We Need A BIG-SIZE ‘Psychoacoustic Crystal Energy Pyramid’ for the AM47 ship on The Alchemical Voyage!

AM47 is offering to bring about a much more Magical view of humankind’s ability to truly change.

ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage! is now fundraising on Indiegogo. Like & Share!!

The New Moon of ’13 & Fresh Launch of the AM47 Indie GoGo Campaign!

New AM47 Indie Go-Go campaign set to launch on the New Moon in 3 Days!

The “New Age” is now the “NEXT PHASE”!

Incentives for donating to the new AM47 Indie Go-Go campaign.

What does it take to catalyze a mystical existence?

Week 47 of this page: AM47 had the highest spike of hits EVER!

NOBODY is the world’s most powerful person.

The Alchemical Voyage: AM47 has an Ohfficial timepeice!: The Fortis B47-GMT.

The Alchemical Voyage: AM47 & The Burning Man Project share the same dream!

The Alchemical Voyage: AM47, is ready to begin grant & crowdsourcing campaigns. You can Help by leaving new comments to the page!

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