The Great Pyramid of Giza Points Directly at Project ALTER MAN 47!

Much has been written about the Great Pyramid of Giza as a scale model of planet Earth. If we upscale the Pyramid with it’s base as the equator and include the Moon, we arrive at this:


The uppermost point of the “Relieving Chambers” above the “King’s Chamber” (the “arrow” looking structure at the Pyramid’s center shown above) points exactly at 37.47 N (shown above with the Azores Archipelago just to the right), which is the same latitude as all 4 of Project ALTER MAN 47’s Elemental activation points around the world: FIRE = San Francisco, CA, WATER = Japan Trench, AIR = Turkmenistan, EARTH = Azores.


As above, looking down on the North Pole we can see the equatorial ring in black. The Pyramid is at 30.00 N. The latitudinal ring of AM47 is at 37.47 N, running directly through San Francisco, CA and around the globe. Curiously, virtually every major power center of the modern world: S.F. (Silicon Valley), New York, D.C., Rome, Jerusalem, Tehran, Beijing, Tokyo, etc.… ALL within a few degrees of the latitude of Project AM47, So below:


(On the replication of the heavens upon the earth: )
“Whosoever shall make an exact copy of *the hidden circle of the Duat (Zodiac)*, and shall know it, it shall act as a magical protector for them both in heaven and upon earth.”
~ Thoth/Hermes/Mercury, The Hermetic Texts of Alexandria aka Shat Ent Am Duat – The Book of What is in the Duat

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Today, 28 February 2017, is the direct center or *Angel Point* of Sidereal Aquarius…

Happy Holy Day!

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To dive deeper into this crazy dream, start by visiting the front page here: ALTER MAN 47

Then read about the scope of AM47 and how this uncanny tale came to be, here: ALTER MaN underwAy

Or jump right in to explore the 4 Points around the globe and click FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and also AETHYR

To read a trancescript of the visionary dream that inspired this entire project, click Delta & Dawn Dream

And all the latest news and developments of Project AM47 are here: Latest AM47 Posts


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One Response to “The Great Pyramid of Giza Points Directly at Project ALTER MAN 47!”

  1. […] ~Side Note~  the latitude of four of the five AM47 voyage destinations around the globe are at 37.47 N, same as the Korean divide, not that I worry about that one too much. Also Gobekli Tepe, kind of a big deal Donald. Oh, and the vast majority of every other major power center of modern civilization is within a few degre… […]


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