The Arctic Ring of Molten Iron As Above So Below


Looking down on and under the North Pole.

A *magnetic 6th sense* in humans… strange Arctic pinging sounds… accelerating Arctic melting… and now The Ring of Molten Iron accelerating under the North Pole, and increased volcanic activit The question isn’t if these developments are connected, but to what degree.


10 years ago, Project ALTER MAN 47 dreamed of seeding a Silver Ring (silver iodide: silver = Atomic Number 47) around the world’s oceans and into the ocean of global consciousness via a highly unusual ship and crew on a spiritual mission.

AM47 Earth base w fool

From the Ring of Molten Iron within the earth, to the Ring of Lunar Silver on the seas, to the Ring of Solar Gold in the atmosphere; like concentric steps on a spiraling cosmic pyramid forever undulating inward and outward, as above ~ so below.

Happy Winter Solstice! And here’s to Holy Days that the entire world can celebrate before a Resource WW3 over the Magical Arctic North.


To dive deeper into this crazy dream, start by visiting the front page here: ALTER MAN 47

Then read about the scope of AM47 and how this uncanny tale came to be, here: ALTER MaN underwAy

Or jump right in to explore the 4 Points around the globe and click FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and also AETHYR

To read a trancescript of the visionary dream that inspired this entire project, click Delta & Dawn Dream

And all the latest news and developments of Project AM47 are here: Latest AM47 Posts


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