Drawing Down The Heavens To Earth


I took Joe Rogan’s advice from his podcast #872 with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson and just watched the vital series Magical Egypt – Episode 3 – Descent. I was struck by the archaeoastronomical idea that knowledge of the last great comet cataclysm some 12,000 years ago was encoded into many of the ancient Egyptian structures.

At 37:47 minutes into Magical Egypt episode 3, they consider The Tower Tarot Card and how it symbolizes *the fall/ruin*, yet “it’s esoteric or hidden lesson is that the outward, physical tower is only a reminder of the true tower each must build within… The true stairway to heaven.”


Here in Project ALTER MAN 47, I have both imagined and evidenced *Four locations in perfect cross-quarter formation around the globe that are naturally and profoundly manifesting characteristics of each of the 4 Classical Elements of Alchemy/Astrology/Magic, and the Four Royal Signs of the Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus. This Elemental pattern is found no where else on the planet and is in the correct ordering of cyclic Alchemical transformation. At AM47’s core is a voyage to circumnavigate the globe and link these locations in order to generate, observe, dedicate and send these magical forces into Awareness by completing *The AM47 Pentaform: A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. 

AM47 Earth base w fool

Now, this *Pentaformaic psycho-cosmic pyramid* is of course imaginary as being psycho-cosmically superimposed upon so-called material reality, but that makes it no less real. If anything, as it comes from an internal reality, it speaks to the true tower built within. And the 4 locations around the globe (San Francisco FIRE, Japan Trench WATER, Turkmenistan/Iran AIR, Azores EARTH, with the additional 5th point “capstone” at the North Pole AETHYR) are real places displaying real Elemental manifestations… but this pyramid itself must of course be visualized and imagined as *crowning Gaia*.


Additionally, earlier in Magical Egypt episode 3, they detailed very ancient Egyptian standing stones which seem to map stars in the constellation of Orion that accurately match the correct ratio of those vast interstellar distances of Orion’s stars! The ancients knew these things that modern astronomy is only recently able to measure. Astonishing.

And AM47, although wholly unique and original, shares this ancient line of doing just that: drawing down the heavens to earth.


To dive deeper into this crazy dream, start by visiting the front page here: ALTER MAN 47

Then read about the scope of AM47 and how this uncanny tale came to be, here: ALTER MaN underwAy

Or jump right in to explore the 4 Points around the globe and click FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH, and also AETHYR

To read a trancescript of the visionary dream that inspired this entire project, click Delta & Dawn Dream

And all the latest news and developments of Project AM47 are here: Latest AM47 Posts


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