* President Bill Clinton spoke metaphysically at the 2011 RSA information security conference.

I just finished work at the 2011 RSA information security conference. The closing keynote speech was given by President Bill Clinton and was “No Press Allowed”… so here’s the scoop: Most of the speech focused on the economy and the importance of protecting “cyberspace”, but the last few minutes held the keys. Speaking to the folks who have the (technical) power to essentially shut down the internet, he said in so many words – Don’t Shut Down The (American) Internet! Then he took on a more philosophical turn and mentioned that though he very much wanted to sail over the North Pole, Greenland is in real danger of melting and shutting down the North Atlantic Ocean Current which would drastically alter the world climate and make Europe uninhabitable. He said that the “Great Sumerian Civilization” failed to “revitalize” and that we were in danger too if we did not revitalize. Then he spoke of a star in the constellation of (sidereal) Libra that has an earth-like planet and how he hopes that “contact is soon”. In closing he affirmed his belief in both “God” and the inherent goodness of human nature through the recent discovery by the CERN supercollider that positive particles are slightly heavier than negative particles, and that creativity does and will prevail over chaos.

It sounded like he’d been reading: https://alterman47.wordpress.com/

Of course a direct read isn’t necessarily required if you can tap into the collective unconscious.

The new CIA = Collective Intuitive Awareness.

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