* 07-20 Feb 2011 @ The Central Asian AM47 Point Of Elemental Air

There are many changes swirling through the Middle East that will effect Central Asia as well. The revolution in Egypt was a precursor to the especially ‘Elementally Airy’ events to occur over the period of @ February 14th-March 15th (and beyond). When the Sun aligns with the direct center or “Angel Point” of sidereal Aquarius on 01 Mar 2011, the AM47 Point of Elemental Air can be expected to manifest in or somewhere near the vast, barren Black Sands desert of Turkmenistan in Central Asia.

07 Feb 2011

A Strictly Regional Revolution?

– TransitionsOnLine.org

“The citizens will not take to the streets in repressed Central Asia, as fear has overtaken the people and their spirits have been broken. TOL is offering a distance-learning course for journalists in the Central Asian region on covering religion, an especially fraught issue there. Participants who successfully finish the course will be awarded TOL certificates and those who score the best will be eligible for fully funded places at TOL journalism training courses in Prague.”

I need to get one of those winners to cover the AM47 story. If I can contact someone from Turkmenistan who either participates or wins, it will be a very potent contact for disseminating AM47 into the virtually impenetrable society of Turkmenistan.

08 Feb 2011

Turkmenistan Has World’s Costliest Internet Service

– CentralAsiaOnline.com

“Turkmenistan has the world’s costliest internet service at almost US $7,000 per month for unlimited high-speed service.”

At The Point of Air (Air being indicative of clear, intellectual, open and effective communications), the internet is the costliest In The WORLD. Don’t you find that Strange.?. And that cost makes it virtually impossible to tell my tale to the folks who inhabit the region where the AM47 Point of Elemental Air is.

16 Feb 2011

MIR Corporation – Journey Through Central Asia: The Five ‘Stans

– The MIR Adventure Travel Company

“The last stop is Turkmenistan, heir to more than 2,500 years of stormy history. Explore the ruins of the Parthian city of Nisa and those of mythical Merv, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Get a final taste of Turkmen culture as you stroll the Tolkuchka Bazaar in Ashkabad, admiring the deep red carpets and handcrafted jewelry. Trip Departures: April 12-May 2, 2011.”

Though I won’t be able to go on this little excursion, I need to find a way to contact those that are and tell them about ALTER MaN 4 7. Someone is bound to have at least a fleeting interest in Zoroastrianism, perhaps even Alchemy or sidereal astrology too. This could be yet another back-door into this repressive society.

16 Feb 2011

Turkmen President Wants Reform

– CentralAsiaOnline.com

“Turkmenistan has long been known as a closed country, but now the government wants to change that image and to open itself more to the outside world,” the source said. No longer is it enough “to simply proclaim our openness; we need to carry out reforms.”

You know about the revolutionary developments in Egypt and how they are spreading throughout the Middle East, but you probably don’t know Turkmenistan from shinola… Essentially, “politacally neutral” Turkmenistan, birthplace of Zoroastrianism (that ‘first religion’ at the heart of ALL Monotheism) is at the geographic (& ultimately the historically ideologic) center of the Middle Eastern/Central Asian shitstorm. Turkmenistan has the 4th (or greater) highest natural gas reserves, 3rd most repressive society, 2nd most strategically desireable, and 1st highest internet service charge In The WORLD. The AM47 Point of Elemental Air also happens to be in Turkmenistan and is due to manifest at the “Angel Point” or center of sidereal Aquarius on 01 Mar 2011.

16 Feb 2011

Will Central Asia Follow Egypt’s Example?

– The Globalist

“Will the chain reaction of protests crossing the Middle East now reach Central Asia? Most of the region’s nations seem well insulated from the upheaval, but not all of them… That leaves Turkmenistan, geographically the closest of the Central Asian nations to the Middle East and also the most independent-minded of them.”

If I get funding for project AM47, then I’ll be travelling through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, the Volga-Don Canal, the Caspian Sea to the shore of Turkmenistan 1 year from now. It would certainly be favorable if the country weren’t under such a repressive totalitarian rule in the very near future.

17 Feb 2011

Relations With U.S. Important, Says Turkmen President

– CentralAsiaNewsWire.Com

“Turkmenistan attached considerable importance to partnership with the United States based on successful long-term collaboration and impressive potential for further development of it.”

If only Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov knew just how important relations with San Francisco and the AM47 Point of Elemental Fire were too, and just how far beyond “the importance of ensuring regional and global security and interest in expanding cooperation in energy and trade” it all went…

18 Feb 2011

Turkmenistan Claims To Open Central Asia’s Largest Open-Air Market

– CentralAsiaNewsWire.Com

“The Altyn Asyr marketplace in Ashgabat, which offers more than 2,000 stores, as well as cafes and a hotel. The 247-acre complex in the north section of the capital is divided into separate zones selling products, including electronics, textiles and footwear, accessories and fragrances, furniture and building materials.”

The largest open-air market in the region: Elemental Air being indicative of clear, intellectual, open and effective communications in addition to commerce and travel. This place was after all the hub of The Great Silk Road, the popular name given to the system of caravan trade routes that lasted for many centuries and linked Eastern and Western civilization between the Ancient and Middle Ages.

19 Feb 2011

Using Philosophy To Bolster The Turkmen Regime

– Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

“Not to be outdone by his predecessor, earlier this month Turkmen President Berdymukhammedov established a new “Journal of World Literature” intended to “perpetuate the names of outstanding thinkers, who told about the spiritual world outlook of our people and their heroic past to the world and enhancing their fame are the priorities in our country” as well as to introduce its Turkmen readership to the intellectual traditions of other nations. Accordingly, its scope of thinkers is ambitious, stretching from Jalaladin Rumi to Alexander Pushkin.”

And perhaps they’ll read AM47 someday very, very soon and learn not only of their heroic past, but their heroic FUTURE as well.

20 Feb 2011

US And Iran Could Become Strategic Allies – With India’s Help

– The Christian Science Monitor

“A transport link through Iran would reduce this vulnerability, while easing Islamabad’s own security burden. Coordination with Iran would help bring the Afghan warlords in Tehran’s sphere of influence into the political process, and open up a stable trade route to Central Asia.”

Effectively communicating with this “enemy” is the key and the heart of Elemental Air in action. This could make our world So Much Better…

21 Dec 2010

World Leaders Flock To Afghanistan After Mysterious ‘Time Well’ Discovered

– The EU Times

“Most intriguing of all about this report is its stating that not just any Vimāna (a circular, flying craft) has been discovered, but from the ancient writings contained in the cave where it was discovered, it claims that its “rightful owner” is the ancient prophet Zoroaster who was the founder of arguably one of the most important religions of all time called Zoroastrianism.”

Though I missed this one back in December and it’s authenticity is questionable, it is still extremely intriguing and relevant to AM47 and the Point of Elemental Air in nearby Turkmenistan. Perhaps they will finally dig-up this ‘UFO engine?’ in the coming weeks and a global change in Awareness will be undeniable.

Stay tuned…

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