* And from the floating Point of Elemental Water…

Japan formally ends whale hunt for rest of season


Biologists and dolphins have created a new inter-species language


To Talk With Aliens, Learn to Speak With Dolphins

AM47 seeks to continue the interspecial (cetacean-human) exchange so that the atmosphere of any “alien” contact might become more favorable. Should extraterrestrials be watching, why would they contact us when we won’t even communicate amongst ourselves or the other intelligent creatures already here on earth? Given the fact that information obtained through a “Profound Interspecific Exchange” proved to be correct, it is a good bet that there is MORE information forthcoming from whales/nature/The Devic Kingdoms and elsewhere that will be gathered along the course of the AM47 experience/journey.

(To contact Dr Doyle: Cetacean Ambassador @ SETI.)

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