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Only 362 Years Until The Age Of Aquarius!!!

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(11 JAN 2014)  The Age of Aquarius will dawn on 2376 CE/AD. Here’s why: since the long, muddled process of having the Greco-Roman-Gregorian calendar imposed upon us over the past 2,000 years, “modern astrologers” have come to “agree” that the March 21 Vernal Equinox marks the entry of the Sun into the “sign” of Aries. But the thing is, from an astronomical perspective (synonymous with ancient Babylo-Egyptians), March 21 has nothing to do with the ancient stars that form Aries;  if one looked at the stars behind the Sun on March 21, 0221-2376 CE/AD (aka the Age of Pisces), one would see the stars that form Pisces, NOT Aries.

Again, The Age of Aquarius will dawn on 2376 CE when the Sun rises with 29’59” Sidereal Aquarius at the Northern Hemisphere Vernal Equinox. 362 years from now is a long time to wait for Utopia. Some would say what’s the point of striving for Utopia if it’s not due for another 362 years anyway? Because it’s a gradient process that requires those of us with strong Sidereal Aquarian traits to lead the transition through the last years of the Piscean Age. So if you’re going around with the programming that you are a tropical Pisces, when in fact you are a Sidereal Aquarius, well I hope you can see how this is detrimental and of paramount concern.

Humankind has the wrong diet, the wrong currency, the wrong leadership, the wrong calendar, the wrong zodiac, the wrong energy, the wrong beliefs!! Virtually Everything in so-called modern civilization is completely backwards. Society MUST adopt the practical Alterations of a vegetarian diet (Quorn), an alt-currency/economy (Bitcoin), 3rd party governance (Peace&Freedom Party), and a culture based around what alternative energy can provide instead of a runaway culture of excess. And the less tangible Alterations like a global Lunar Calendar, the Sidereal Zodiac, and direct spiritual experience instead of traditional monotheistic belief.

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