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Death Of A Sidereal Aquarian Astrologer: Alexander Blair-Ewart (1947-2013)

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Theseus Alexis Sattvah (1947-2013)

(13 Jan 2014)  My Sidereal Aquarian Sidereal Astrologer friend Alex Blair-Ewart has died. His contributions to The Art and his character descriptions of the 12 signs of the Sidereal Zodiac are among my favorites. Modern Sidereal Astrologers are few and far between and I was counting on his Aquarian vision into Project ALTER MAN 47.

This world still has another 362 Years Until The Dawn Of The True Age Of Aquarius. The transition (and downright survival!) into the next astrological age is a gradient process guided by those of us with strong Sidereal Aquarian traits to lead through these dark, final years of this confusing Piscean Age (0221-2376 CE). To loose a dedicated Aquarian sage like Alex deals a tragic blow to the future itself.

We have lost a bold Aquarian leader. Rest in peace my friend… and once well-rested feel free to pay us a visit from beyond, you know we need it!

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