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Illuminutti vs. ALTER MAN 47: It’s easy to dismiss an actual spiritual awakening when you’re not having one.

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Hiya MIB (Mason I. Bilderberg), curator of the Illuminutti blog:
“A site to debunk spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels,
aliens, intelligent designers, government conspirators, or any manner of
invisible agents with power and intention. This blog exists for the
sole purpose of entertaining the world with the weird and wacky way
people think and believe.”

So, let’s get right to it:
9/11 = Permitted/Inside Job to keep the Military Industrial Complex in business and the masses under control.
ALEX JONES = Was pretty bad-ass when he ninja’d into the Bohemian Grove, granted, now rabid amongst The Spin.
ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS = An awe-inspiring theory and quite probable; Gobekli Tepe: a 6,000 year gap in “civilization”… wtf? Inconclusive dating on archaeoastronomical sites.
CHEMTRAILS = US Gov’t has a long soiled documented history of drugging it’s own population, let alone others.
DAVID ICKE = Some intriguing stuff, granted, to be weighed with healthy discernment.
FREEMASONS & SATAN = Sacred Geometry aspiring builders in league with Señor Rojo? LOL
CLIMATE CHANGE = What % is due to mankind’s addiction to filthy energy that fuels a runaway culture of excess.?.
JAMES RANDI = Egotistical douchey fag high as hell on Anomaly Anxiety – ‘nuff said’.
Now, feel free to do yourself a favor and aim your canon at Project ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage!
Let’s see if you can rate any better on Synchronicity Generation.

Cheers & Wild Wishing,

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