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The Magic of the Azores and the Terror from Outer Space during the 2013 AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH!

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A sperm whale and Mt. Pico, Azores.

(02 Jun 2013)  The ALTER MAN 47 Alchemical Point of Elemental EARTH is in the Azores. The Azores is the 4th prime destination to be reached on the AM47 voyage around the globe before returning back to the start in San Francisco to complete the circle. The AM47 ship The Mantra, is scheduled to reach the Azores by 30 May 2014, mid-Sidereal Taurus (15 May – 16 June, fixed Earth element). Although The Mantra didn’t acquire the funds to make the voyage this year, these are the developments in the Azores during the AM47 Point of EARTH 2013. A complete history of this fascinating location and how it relates to the larger framework of Project AM47 is here: AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH.

In the AZORES during the first half of Sidereal Taurus, 2013 (Sidereal Taurus is 15 May – 16 June) :

(17 May 2013)  News from the Azores had been virtually dormant for a few months before this article was published on the 2nd day of Sidereal Taurus: The islands with green fingers: A blooming marvelous horticultural break to the Azores. And multiple similar articles about the beauty (Venus ~ Taurus) of the Azores have been published over the past two weeks!

(20 May 2013)  China’s Influence Spreads to Atlantic. “The whole psychodrama unfolded at the end of June 2012, when then Chinese premier Wen Jiabao made a stopover on the Portuguese island of Terceira, in the Azores, after a four-nation visit to South America. The Azores are placed right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the United States. Wen’s blitz there fueled speculation that China had thrown an eye on Lajes Field, the local US military air base jointly managed by Portugal and the United States, which is on the table for military budget cuts. By virtue of Lajes Air Field, Washington can control and patrol a vast portion of the Atlantic space. If Beijing were able to get its hands on this strategic outpost, it could disrupt air and sea traffic between Europe and North America, deny maritime access to the Mediterranean Sea and even threaten the US eastern coast. China’s potential ability to operate in the central Atlantic is directly connected with its drive for a prominent role in the seas around the North Pole.”

(22 May 2013)  Azores named best European sustainable destination – Award! Azores is #1 sustainable travel destination in Europe!

(27 May 2013)  Whale watching in The Azores.  #1 for Whale Watching. “The Azores are currently one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries. More than 20 different types of cetaceans can be spotted in the Azores and it corresponds to a third of the total number of existing species. The waters of The Azores have an  ecosystem with unique characteristics and the whales and dolphins mean that the  blue Atlantic Ocean becomes even more magic around these nine islands.”

(30 May 2013)  The Sea Inside by Philip Hoare – review. Great book about Azores/Whales. “It is a collage of memoir, cultural history and travelogue in which the author makes pilgrimage to ever more distant seas to swim with whales and dolphins. These encounters yield some of the most vivid writing in the book, charged with the same awe and joy that characterised Hoare’s retelling in the last chapter of Leviathan of a close encounter with a sperm whale near the Azores.”

(19 Jun 2013)  Azores Fringe Festival.  Just, WOW! A Fringe Festival (alternative/sustainable music, art and culture) in the Azores (part of a global “Fringe” network!) is taking place on June 19th in the Azores, just 19 days after my proposed AM47 Elemental EARTH Ceremony!!!! Not too shabby, eh? Plus there’s a reference to “1947” but it’s in Portuguese and I haven’t translated it yet! Still though, Pretty Fucken Stoked! I’m contacting them now about adjusting the event date to coincide with the arrival of The Mantra this time next year!!! WILD WISHING.


… I guess we’ll be camping out a bit longer than we’d planned.

In Outer Space during the first half of Sidereal Taurus, 2013 (Sidereal Taurus is 15 May – 16 June) :

(17 May 2013 /17 Mar 2013)   Watch the Biggest Explosion Ever Seen on the Moon. The Moon was hit by an asteroid while it was in Sidereal Taurus on 17 Mar 2013! This article appeared on 17 May 2013, the 2nd day of Sidereal Taurus, just like the first relevant article about the Azores above. Fascinating! This article was among the first of many to show the NASA video.

(27 May 2013)  ‘Tsunami Watch’ For Atlantic Ocean Until June 5th: Dr. Simon Atkins & The Advanced Forecasting Corporation. “Did you know that heightened solar activity can lead to earthquakes and tsunamis on Earth? Did you know that the North Atlantic Ocean region (Azores!), which would include all of the East coast of North America, is under a ‘tsunami watch’ until June 5th, 2013 according to Dr. Simon Atkins? Fascinating video from Fox News and videographer Mr2Tuff2 with lots more information below from Dr. Atkins and his Advanced Forecasting Corporation’s first ever tsunami watch, in effect until June 5th, 2013 that could be extended depending upon solar activity.”

(30 May 2013)  Comet ISON Is Hurtling Toward Uncertain Destiny With Sun. Amongst all these other looming space news stories comes this one about the approaching Comet ISON with spectacular new images of it… And it may well be “The Blue Star” of Hopi Prophecy. Interestingly, Comet ISON will be at it’s closest and brightest DIRECTLY ON the AM47 Point of Elemental WATER in late November – early December 2013 (mid-Sidereal Scorpio)! I can think of few greater dreams come true than sailing around the world on The Mantra under a night sky populated with a blued comet (electrical!) as bright as the moon!! But time is running out and the deadline approaches to manifest AM47 this year in 5.5 months at the most. So how are YOU going to help make this dream come true?

(31 May 2013)  That was close! 1.7 mile wide QE2 asteroid sails just 3.6million miles past the Earth – and it is so big it even has its own moon! Fairly massive hype about this world-smashing space rock that sailed by planet earth DIRECTLY ON the AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH… which is, like, Now!!

(31 May 2013)  NASA GRAIL Mission Solves Mystery of Moon’s Uneven Gravity. The reason for the moon’s wildly uneven gravity is due to the chaotic pattern of asteroid impacts called “mascons” within which the impact material still “floats” upon the moon’s inner mantle.

(01 Jun 2013)   88% chance of Atlantic Tsunami Event – Update from Climate Risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins.  “Within the same risk window through June 5, 2013, I am raising the threat of a North Atlantic tsunami to 88% due to the following reasons under our Electromagnetic Planetary Advisement Threats [EPATS] : 1) An interplanetary and expanding shock wave has hit Earth’s magnetic field late May 31st (AM47 Point of EARTH!!). This is likely the first of a few in the next 72 hours, each probably coming with higher cumulative force, since the amount of solar energy entering the Earth will be much more than the energy able to leave Earth, thereby necessitating a much greater risk for a large ‘release’ in the general form of a large earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, or even all three. 2) Earthquake activity in the North Atlantic has become unusually high, increasing in strength and even ‘coordinated’ within our North Atlantic Tectonic Risk Triangle (St. Louis MO USA to eastern Iceland to the Canary Islands, and the Azores directly in the middle)!!!”

(17 May 2012)  4,700 Potentially Dangerous Asteroids Lurk Near Earth, NASA Says. One year ago, but still a classic AM47… You can’t make this shit up!! “Of course truth is stranger than fiction, truth need only have happened whereas fiction must make sense.” ~ Mark Twain

A few other major relevant stories developing during the first half of Sidereal Taurus, 2013 (Sidereal Taurus is 15 May – 16 June) :

(28 May 2013)  Lab Develops Breakthrough ‘Superclean’ Hydrogen Fuel. “Scientists at Lawrence Livermore Lab developed a process that produces ‘superclean’ energy while also reducing ocean acidification.” But of course, The Mantra will run on “alternative” hydrogen fuel, while fulfilling it’s mission to re-alkalize earth’s dying ocean… and alter planet earth forever.

(31 May 2013)  Riots, barricades, street battles as police fight protesters in Turkey (VIDEO, PHOTOS). Turkey is the ultimate flashpoint between east and west. The so-called “Turkish Spring” began DIRECTLY ON the AM47 Point of Elemental EARTH. The latitude of the AM47 voyage is 37.47 N which cuts directly through Turkey (as well as almost EVERY other major modern power center on planet earth)… Not long now until All Is Revealed!!

(31 May 2013)  Encountering Peace: Our window of opportunity, “On 31 May 2013, US Secretary of State John Kerry put it straight: there is a short window of opportunity to make peace with the Palestinians and most of the Arab world.” 31 May 2013 was of course the AM47 Point of Alchemical EARTH day, mid-Sidereal Taurus. Sidereal Taurus is a decidedly Venusian sign dealing in peace, love, beauty, art and comfort. 31 May 2013 was the “Angel Point” of Sidereal Taurus and the AM47 Point of EARTH.

(31 may 2013)  Protest Group Gives Turkish Official a List of Demands.  The “Turkish Spring” began on 31 May 2013. It all began when one of the last parks (EARTH) in Istanbul was slated to be paved over, and the people rose up. The conflict has evolved into a much larger issue of political activism. 31 May 2013 is the center or “Angel Point” of Sidereal Taurus (EARTH) and the AM47 Point of Alchemical EARTH. The latitude of the AM47 voyage runs directly through the middle of Turkey and virtually EVERY other power center of this modern age!

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Even now my heart /
Journeys beyond its confines, and my thoughts /
Over the sea, across the whale’s domain /
Travel afar the regions of the earth …
~ Old Anglo-Saxon poem, The Seafarer


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