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What could Stephen Colbert, the director of the NSA, the Iranian Nuke Crisis and Alchemy possibly have in common.?.

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Alchemy-gypbjl-dAlchemical AIR

Why, ALTER MAN 47 of course!

* (03 MAR 2014: San Francisco) This post is about the AM47 events relevant to the quality of and during Sidereal Aquarius 2014 and to the mission of Project AM47. The following events decidedly showcase the quality of Sidereal Aquarius and the essence of the Fixed AIR Element. It covers the period that the Sun entered Sidereal Aquarius on 13 FEB 2014 and the two weeks after, leading up to and including The AM47 Point of AIR on 28 FEB 2014.

(13 FEB 2014: Earth) Sidereal Aquarius began on 13 FEB 2014, and NOT on 21 JAN 2014 as most “modern-day” Greco-Roman “Tropical Asstrollogers” would delude you to believe. One of the main missions of Project AM47 is to encourage people to learn the true history of astrology and discern it’s proper current effect. And to reset the world to the Real ancient Sumero-Babylo-Egyptian reckoning of the heavens for the reunification of astronomy & astrology: Sidereal Astrology. The Sun is in Sidereal Aquarius from 13 FEB 2014 to 14 MAR 2014.

(13 FEB 2014: Iran/Turkmenistan) The third major stop of the AM47 circumnavigation of the globe is in the Black Sands Desert of Turkmenistan (AM47 Point of AIR). The only way to get there (on time) is to make port in Bandar Abbas, Iran, and travel directly North through a very beautiful and pastoral eastern Iran. This is the overland route through Iran to the checkpoint border of Turkmenistan.

(16 FEB 2014: Turkmenistan) Central Asian governments are already on heightened alert over the upcoming withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan could now be the most likely Central Asian state to face instability. But Ashgabat (the capitol of Turkmenistan) has not shown any particular distress about the impending changes in Afghanistan, a country with which Turkmenistan shares a 744-kilometer border. No Taliban threats have ever been made against Turkmenistan since the Taliban took control over most of Afghanistan in the late 1990s.

However, it is unclear how Turkmen security forces would react faced with a determined, well-trained, armed group set on causing chaos. It is also unclear what support the Turkmen government could expect from the country’s people should militants appear in Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan is ranked 177 out of 179 on the “most repressive countries list”. It’s security forces are accustomed to dealing with a cowed population; people beaten down by the regime for more than two decades. Turkmen do not dare to oppose the government. The capacity of the Turkmen military forces is very low, so it’s not unfeasible to think that they could be targeted, and subsequently struggle to respond. What would be the reaction from Iran, with which Turkmenistan also shares a 1000+ kilometer border? Or from Russia with its long historical interest in Turkmenistan??

Turkmenistan has long been a coveted base of operations by western forces, yet denied due to Turkmenistan’s unique stance as a UN-recognized neutral nation. Not only is it a strategic wet dream, but it also has the world’s 3rd largest natural gas deposits under it’s vast deserts (Point of AIR), making it a bastion of energy security for everyone from Europe to China.

Turkmenistan is the AIRy axis of the entire region. Has the Reagan/Bush Dynasty (and the current administration) already decimated any chance of Project AM47 to succeed? Or will 2015 finally open a door for something magical and new?? AM47 has every intention to manifest the latter.

(18 FEB 2014: Vienna) Project AM47 (and the rest of the world) obviously has a huge vested interest in fair relations with Iran. The Iranian Nuclear Talks got off to a decidedly positive start, despite the cloud of pessimism surrounding it.

(24-28 FEB 2014: San Francisco) My work week at the RSA Global Internet Security Conference (“Where the world talks security”) began with an intimate & confidential meeting of a 100+ crowd of “The Captains of US Industry” with the director of the NSA, General Keith B. Alexander, and ended with a brilliant keynote address by 33rd lvl. Fighter/Magic-User/Thief, Half-Ear (I mean Elf): Stephen Colbert!

(24 FEB 2014: San Francisco) Enter General Keith B. Alexander, Director of the NSA – Confidentially ;), though I wanted to strongly dislike him, he turned out to be a rather likeable guy with a pretty good Darth Vader impression. And while I can’t really talk specifics on the day’s content, I can tell you what they did NOT address. Everything but the ROOT of the problem was addressed: it was still business as usual rhetoric with America #1, USA can do no wrong, they hate us for our freedom, Snowden Bad/NSA Good, and to essentially erase George Orwell’s warning of “What if the day comes when you disagree with the powers that be that know everything about you.?.”  Not once was it posited or considered that our western industries and practices might be a (huge) factor of global instability. And no real solutions were offered as to the inevitable plight of The Whistleblower either. General Alexander told the 100+ crowd that they were essentially the Captains of US Industry & Power. I found the crowd to be a largely uncritical group, which was disappointing and downright chilling to be amidst. The USA is the Dracula of Gaia’s lifeblood, and until the average American learns to Alter our culture around what alternative energy/society can provide instead of fueling a runaway culture of excess, we’re all doomed.

(25 FEB 2014: Iran/Turkmenistan) Iran and Turkmenistan re-commit to strengthening ties on all levels: culturally, politically and economically, which is of course fantastic news for AM47, and I’m sure annoys the hell out of the-western-powers-that-be-to-no-end!

(26 FEB 2014: Iran/Turkmenistan/Kazakhstan) It has been announced that the Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway will come on stream in six months! The AM47 overland crew may well just be able to take the train to the Point of AIR!! Excellent news. And if you think about it, the train is kind of an AIRy transportation… it glides on rails winding over landscapes largely unaffected by the terrain.

(28 FEB 2014: Earth) Today is the middle or “Angel Point” of Sidereal Aquarius & the ALTER MAN 47 Alchemical Point of Elemental AIR.

(28 FEB 2014: San Francisco) Enter 33rd lvl. Fighter/Magic-User/Thief, Half-Ear (I mean Elf): Stephen Colbert! – I can’t say enough good things about this man. There was a petition going around to try and get him NOT to speak at the RSA Global Internet Security Conference (“Where the world talks security”), but he did it anyway. Sir Colbert, going in knowing virtually nothing about the vast internet security world, was able to tailor a hilarious presentation as if he’d been in the security biz for years. He began by promoting his new (fictitious) online security service “CloudFog” (AIR!) and it’s innovative new random number generator system: the D20! Yes, the classical Dungeons & Dragons 20-sided icosahedron dice. He even rolled it twice for a percentage that I bet was 47. He soldiered on to weave-in more D&D, Fight Club, and too much else near and dear to my heart. He dissed astronomers for demoting Pluto, expressed hope for the AltCoin revolution, and even dropped Alchemical Latin (“yeah – I just dropped Latin motherfucker”)!! When asked what he did in his spare time he expressed his love of JRR Tolkein’s work and that he was an amateur scholar of high fantasy, esp. Tolkein. He is particularly interested in the evolution of Indo-European/Iranian Languages, as Tolkein was… and the collective-unconscious link to AM47-ish things was certainly not lost on me. At this point in the conference my duties were to distribute, collect and record evaluations of the keynote presentations and you’ll be glad to know that Stephen scored a good 93% Great! level evaluation from this historically conservative crowd. Now bear in mind that the ending keynote speakers from the past two years were the renegade war criminals Colon Powell and Conde Rice. But after all the Assange, Snowden and Manning revelations, RSA was clearly trying to appeal to the other side. Seeing Stephen rock this crowd was inspiring and gave me hope. And all of this on the ALTER MAN 47 Alchemical Point of Elemental AIR day! It was a fine day and most Aquarian indeed.

(01 MAR 2014: Iran) Iran stopped nuclear weapons program because it is sinful – Rouhani, speaks for itself. Eat that shit ISSSRAEL & USSSA.

(01 MAR 2014: Turkmenistan) Turkmenistan announced that it is accelerating oil and natural gas exploration to further boost it’s position as a provider of energy security from Europe to China.

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Project ALTER MAN 47 is the visionary voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world; Borne of a dream & guided by astonishing Synchronicity to include an ancient Alchemical process within humankind’s emerging potential to truly change. The AM47 crew aim to further generate Synchronicity and help alter earth’s destiny by circumnavigating the globe to exalt *The AM47 Pentaform : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*.

The Alchemical Great Work has remained an elusive spiritual mystery. It is the core of an evolutionary metaphysical experiment developing right now. Central to the Great Work are the 4 Classical Elements and the 7 Inner Planets. Four locations in perfect formation around the globe are naturally and profoundly manifesting characteristics of each of the 4 Elements. (This Elemental pattern is found no where else on the planet and is in the correct ordering of Alchemical transformation.) A voyage is being organized to circumnavigate the globe and link these locations in order to generate, observe, dedicate and send these magical forces into Awareness by completing *The AM47 Pentaform: A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. The cycle of project AM47 annually begins again on 02 Sep 2013 (& 01 Sep 2014, etc.).

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