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The new Wikileaks film “Mediastan” offers a rare glimpse into Central Asia – The AM47 Point of Alchemical AIR

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(20 DEC 2013) Precious little information escapes from the media black hole that is Central Asia, esp. Turkmenistan: AM47 Point of Alchemical AIR, which borders both Iran and Afghanistan. And as if it weren’t going to be difficult enough to travel through these countries on the AM47 voyage, US Congress want’s to impose new sanctions on Iran that threaten the fragile nuclear deal recently reached by the Obama administration. Will someone please show Congress the door… TO HADES! The most dangerous people on earth are the American Religious Right Wing…. they must be destroyed.

In “Mediastan,” produced by Julian Assange, Rebecca O’Brien and Lauren Dark, a group of underground journalists test the impact of the leaked documents as they travel through Central Asia in search of local media outlets willing to publish Cablegate files. Their journey follows the ancient Silk Road traversing Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and US-occupied Afghanistan. Turkmenistan starts @ 48:47 in the video.

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