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Fluent in Synchronicity

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The Enterprise rises from the deep.

I worked with the Speakers at the O’Reilly Fluent Javascript conference the other day in SF and a group of the speakers began talking about their love of ships and meeting up later at the SF Maritime Museum. The conversation quickly turned into how they’re all just really moonlighting coders but sci-fi writers at heart. So I jumped on the opportunity to chime-in and share my Alchemical Project AM47 and hand out my card. AM47 is of course all @ ‘sci-fi’ (or more appropriately, Speculative Fantasy / Metafiction) and, well… Ships! I’ve probably flat-blasted the poor bastards. Ah well.


Max sportin’ the Google Glass that he let me wear.


As a caveat, @ 47 minutes later, a speaker wearing prototype Augmented Reality glasses from Google asks me if I want to try them on. As soon as I put them on and swipe my finger at the temple control, the time [ 4:47 ] pops-up!! This type of Synchronicity is common for me, and increasing all the time,  but it’s nice to have actual witnesses, not to mention potential new contacts. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t simply come out and say things like “Sidereal Astrology“, “Alchemy”, “Synchronicity”, “Vision Dreaming”, and the like without being ridiculed or disregarded out-of-hand. But I’m learning to take every chance that comes, damn the consequences… By Any Means Necessary!

AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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