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The “47 Communications PR Agency” meets Project ALTER MAN 47!!

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47 Communications specializes in PR, Campaign Strategy, Press & Media Exposure, Representation and Event Coordination!

(06 June 2013) The Synchronicity of Project ALTER MAN 47 is increasing at a vertiginous pace. Those on board this project have a real shot at helping to change this world forever, but the window of opportunity is Not infinite. Destiny closes in. Today I made a totally random (yeah, right) & fantastic contact with the founder of 47 Communications: Sibel Sunar  at the Inside Social Apps conference… Coincidence is EXTINCT. The services that 47 Comms provide:

Public Relations for corporate, products, services, events.
Strategy, positioning and key messages development.
Press material development.
Media training and relations.
Analyst relations.
Speakers bureau.
Event coördination, booking and staffing.

This is the EXACT type of emergency media contact I need right now to help make the leap to a professional website, video, event management and PR for Project AM47 to make a successful Indie Go-Go campaign and beyond. 47 Comms are located @ 7 blocks away from my base of operations in San Francisco! Sometimes you just get lucky. I’ll be contacting Sibel at 47 Comms about taking AM47 to the next level within the week. Very excited! Synchronicity!!

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