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Look At The Spike Of Activity On My WebPage As The Sun Entered Sidereal AQUARIUS!

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This is the past flat month of my webpage in Sidereal Capricorn (Earth).
Notice the spike on 15 FEB 2013 as we entered Sidereal Aquarius (AIR)!
Don’t you feel more visionary and hopeful right now?!?
We are now under the futuristic influence of Sidereal Aquarius!
Enjoy the next 30 days of space and pursue your idealistic goals!!

AM47 Earth base w fool

And we shall stride across this earth/
Dealing the frenzy of it’s broken sky/
And we shall land within this place/
Healing the destiny of it’s open eye.

click>>> AM47!

Meanwhile back at the Point of AIR : “Origin of the Aryan Race – Historical Facts and Evidence”

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