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The Great Yosemite Rim Fire shares a tragically spooky Synchronicity with a modern day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work

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I’ve been producing a modern day interpretation of The Alchemical Great Work (loosely, the idealization of matter into spirit & the great unifying mystical tradition) for the past 7 years with astonishing results. You can find out all about this great voyage and film here at Project ALTER MAN 47.

AM47 Earth base w fool

As you can see from this North Pole perspective, the 4 Alchemical Points of AM47 are perfectly aligned around the crown of Gaia.

In short, there are 4 cornerstones of an ancient sacred alchemical geometry perfectly spaced around the world at the exact same latitude in:

1. San Francisco (too many FIRE associations to list here; 1906 Great Fire, birthplace of Burning Man, and now the Rim Fire) is FIRE

2. The Japan Trench (Fukushima & the largest volcano in the entire solar system) is WATER

3. Turkmenistan (Gonur Depe – the birthplace of Zoroastrianism – heart of ALL monotheism, and center of the middle east) is AIR

4. The Azores (highest mountain tops in the Atlantic Ocean, and home to a newly discovered ancient occupation with tombs and pyramids) is EARTH

5.  And The North Pole, the capstone on this ‘Psycho-Cosmic Pyramid Crowning Gaia’ is AETHYR


Note that the Fire is on the exact latitude of San Francisco (the AM47 Point of FIRE) and on the exact date that the Sun entered the ancient Babylo-Egyptian sidereal sign of Leo (FIRE).

And so the Great Yosemite Rim Fire (3rd biggest Fire in California history) ignited on 17 AUG 2013. As I and ancient history have revealed, the sign of Leo (FIRE) is currently from 17 AUG – 16 SEP, and this shifts slowly over a 26,000 year cycle of precession. The Rim Fire ignited on 17 AUG 2013, the exact time that the Sun went into sidereal Leo, on the exact latitude of the Point of FIRE: San Francisco… yet another blatant portent signifying the relevance & dire nature of Project ALTER MAN 47 that humankind continues to DENY. Gaia and I have no patience left, and if you look into your deepest heart, neither do you.

Here’s a little Spooky something from last years Point of FIRE… enjoy!!

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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