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The new Godzilla is a Full-Blown Establishment TOOL!!!

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Starring Godzilla as a dick-head tool of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Establishment.

Although the new Godzilla film is entertaining enough, it’s underlying message is Completely Backwards. (Screw SPOILERS AHEAD… This Trumps Spoilage!)

Godzilla is “awakened” after two M.U.T.O.’s (“Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism”, lovingly played by MUTO Mamma & MUTO Pappa) decide it’s high time to Get-It-On. Pappa MUTO finally hits puberty and sends out a booty-call a quarter-turn ’round the world, and Mamma MUTO gets the message… But not on old-man Godzilla’s watch!!

The ImMUTOble Facts:

  • MUTOs Breaking Out of US Military Imprisonment! (Hell Yes.)
  • MUTOs Eating Radiation! Literally ridding our planet of deadly nukes & radiation and corporate death. (Whereas Godzilla probably eats whales, the turd.)
  • MUTOs Affectionately Reproducing (sexy!) and sending a love-song around the world… Literally planting (okay, smashing) new underground counter-culture in Downtown San Francisco.
  • MUTOs Blasting EMP’s in San Francisco: The Once and Future Capitol of Counterculture (currently infested by Banal Techie Doucholes), effectively tweaking everyone’s virtually autistic techie addiction all to hell.

But NOOOO. Godzilla has to put his big fatass foot down on all that Anti-Establishment BS. Hey old-man Godzilla, why don’t you make yourself useful and go do a happy dance on WALL STREET! In the meantime, I’ll be watching PACIFIC RIM instead.



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Project ALTER MAN 47 is the visionary voyage of an alt-fueled ship on a unique mission to circulate *alt-tech+culture* around the world; Borne of a dream & guided by astonishing Synchronicity to include an ancient Alchemical process within humankind’s emerging potential to truly change. The AM47 crew aim to further generate Synchronicity and help alter earth’s destiny by circumnavigating the globe to exalt *The AM47 Pentaform : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*.

The Alchemical Great Work has remained an elusive spiritual mystery. It is the core of an evolutionary metaphysical experiment developing right now. Central to the Great Work are the 4 Classical Elements and the 7 Inner Planets. Four locations in perfect formation around the globe are naturally and profoundly manifesting characteristics of each of the 4 Elements. (This Elemental pattern is found no where else on the planet and is in the correct ordering of Alchemical transformation.) A voyage is being organized to circumnavigate the globe and link these locations in order to generate, observe, dedicate and send these magical forces into Awareness by completing *The AM47 Pentaform: A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia*. The cycle of project AM47 annually begins again on 02 Sep 2013 (& 01 Sep 2014, etc.).

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