What is ALTER MAN 47?

AM47 Earth base w fool

47, AEther, AEthyr, Age of Aquarius, Age of Pisces, Air, Alchemical, Alchemical Great Work, Alchemical Voyage, Alchemy, Alt Fuel, Alter, Alter Man, Alter Man 4 7, Alter Man 47, Alternative, Alternative Energy, Alternative Fuel, AM47, Aquarius, Arabic, Archaeoastronomy, Arcturus, Ashgabat, Astonishing, Astroarchaeology, Astrocartography, astrology, Atlantean, Atlantis, Awareness, Azores, Babylonian, Baker Beach, Balsa Man, Bandar-e-Abbas, Biodiesel, Blogroll, Burning Man, Burning Man Event, Burning Man Project, Ceremony, Cetacean, Circumnavigation, Classical Elements, Collaborate, Collaborative Art, Cosmic, Cosmology, Cyril Fagan, Darvaza, Destiny, Divination, Documentary, Dolphin, Dream, Earth, Earthrace, Edgar Cayce, Egypt, Egyptian, Ether, Experimental, Fire, Fukushima, Gaia, Global, Gobekli Tepe, Gonur Depe, Inspiration, Intention, Inter-Special, Investigative Mythology, Iran, Japan Trench, Jejune Institute, Kerman, Leo, Lucid Dream, Magic, Magical, Magick, Maker Faire, Manifest, Manifestation, Manifesting, Mashhad, Meta Fiction, Metafiction, Metaphysical, Metaphysics, Mithras, Mithrasism, Mysterious, Mystery, Mystic, Mystical, Mythology, Nabonassar, New Age, North Pole, Occult, Ocean, Paranormal, Pentaform, Pentagram, Platonic Solids, Project AM47, Prophecy, Pyramid, Qeshm, Roy Firebrace, Runes, Sacred Geometry, Sailing, San Francisco, Scorpio, Sea, Ship, Sidereal Astrology, Sirjan, Solar, Speculative Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, Spirit, Spiritual, Strait of Hormuz, Suez Canal, Sumerian, Supernatural, Synchronicity, Tarot, Taurus, Transformation, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uncanny, Vessel, Vision Dream, Visionary, Voyage, Water, Whale, Whale Wars, Zodiac, Zoroaster, Zoroastrian, Zoroastrianism


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