The History of Astrology is the History of Civilization Itself!!

The difference between the Sidereal (star-based) and Tropical (season-based) Astrological Signs.

The picture above shows difference between the Sidereal (star-based & Babylo-Egyptian)) and Tropical (season-based & Greco-Roman) Astrological Signs. Sidereal (star) reckoning was the basis of all astrology before it became divorced from astronomy thanks in large part to a fractured torch-pass from the Babylo-Egyptians to the Greco-Romans (thankfully with some Arabic sanity in between).  The history of astrology is the history of civilization itself! We’ve been in a “Dark Age” (essentially the entire Age of Pisces) since the fall of the Babylonian and Egyptian empires.

A more detailed version of the differences between the Zodiaks.

It’s shocking to me that humankind hasn’t demanded the total excavation of the magnificent astro-archaeological find at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey. Clearly a highly advanced “international” agreement of the stars above… 12,000 years ago! Mind blowing. I think they buried it on purpose as a Time Capsule to be found in the future… Now. (BTW, the Gobekli Tepe site is just west and on the EXACT latitude of the AM47 Point of Elemental AIR! When the going get’s weird, the weird start hiring!!)

The 12,000 year old astro-archaeological complex recently discovered at Gobekli Tepe. Turkey. Quickly! Before the Monotheists pulverize it!!

When working with a system as comprehensive as Astrology, it is easy to reach confounded ends. For instance, ‘I wonder if Eric is a hot-head because his Sun is in Aries or because he’s got Mars on his MC?’ There is no way to answer this astrologically until you run his chart. The ultimate question is, how can 2 differing systems (Tropical & Sidereal) both be right? They can’t. It’s one or the other. There is no fuzzy thinking here. Astrology is far to important to be mistaken. For instance, the star Antares is the Heart of the Scorpion. This is an unalterable factual agreement from antiquity. If Mercury was conjunct Antares (Scorpio, Fixed WATER) when I was born, how on earth can I expect to interpret it accurately if I think that it is in Tropical Sagittarius (Mutable FIRE) as 97% of Western Astrologers will tell me so.?.

Mercury conjunct Antares in SIDEREAL SCORPIO.

To put it bluntly, Sidereal Astrology is scientific, tropical astrology is arbitrary. Luckily, I got seriously interested in astrology @ 18 years ago when there was ample info available about ALL the known Astrologys. As I had nothing invested in any of them (apart from being told for years from flaky people that I was a “Sag”), I was discerning enough to measure which one was both historically and empirically The MOST accurate: Sidereal Astrology. Sure, things that folks believe in collectively have great power. But when you can align those “beliefs” with what’s actually going on, then you have just MAXimized your power. 97% of Western Astrologers and Magicians use Tropical Astrology. Look at the world, do you see any spiritual mechanics functioning properly in this mess? I don’t. But I aim to walk this earth and fix it.

AM47 Earth base w fool

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