If Egypt Collapses then Project ALTER MAN 47 is Doomed.


NYARLATHOTEP ~ The Black Lord of the Crawling Chaos approaches Egypt.

NYARLATHOTEP ~ H.P. Lovecraft’s “fictional” Black Lord of The Crawling Chaos approaches Egypt nonetheless. The Muslim Brotherhood inflamed by the Judaic/Monotheist/Christian Right bourne of Israel and the USA, threatens to overtake Egypt, and hence the entire Middle East. If the Suez Canal in Egypt becomes impassable to “Westerners”, hence to The Project AM47 Ship itself, then all hope is lost! An impassable Suez Canal will render the exaltation of The Pentaform: A Psycho-Cosmic Pyramid Crowning Gaia, impossible. Dark. Dire. Damned. Only by the AM47 Ship passing through the Suez Canal on it’s way to completing it’s circumnavigation to exalt The Pentaform can the Dark Lord of Chaos be turned. And yet Egypt is merely one piece in the 3rd destination of the AM47 Voyage. AM47 must first gain the confidence and permission of Iran to travel through it’s eastern lowlands to the Point of Elemental AIR and Gonur Depe (birthplace of Zoroastrianism and central monotheist UNDOING point) which is in modern day Turkmenistan, one of the most repressive countries on earth!! The presence of the USA and indeed, of the state of Israel itself jeopardize the success of Project AM47 and the future of humankind itself!!! I support troops that break ranks and I support Jews that LEAVE ISRAEL!!!!


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