Catching my Lunar/Tide Graph watch at 47 seconds 93% of the time! Supernatural Synchronicity!!


My Watch.

So, this is my watch. It’s a Casio Tide Graph that tracks two of my favourite things: the Moon and the Tides. For the past couple of years I’ve been catching it at 47 seconds @ 88 – 93% of the time that I glance at it! In the past few months I’m catching it at 47 minutes AND 47 seconds… the Synchronicity is increasing!! So, what does it mean and where will it lead me? Without a doubt I’m on a path but I don’t know that I can stay on it without the support of my people… Come with me if you want to live!!! 47 is supernatural, which is to say, way beyond regular! 47 is matter-spirit binary and for me, greatly synonymous with Synchronicity itself!! I wonder if anyone else wears this watch OR would submit to wearing it to see if they experience the same phenomenon.?. Though I identify as a Magician, I am not without the scientific method. The 4 Classical Elements & The 7 Inner Planets ov Spiritual Alchemy!!!


My upgrade watch?

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