Help Me Win A Trip Into Outer Space!!!


HEY!!! YOU can VOTE for ME to WIN a Zero-Gravity Space-Trip by voting for me to win on the merit of my “space-themed” (and AM47 focused) artwork RIGHT HERE : VOTE 2 SEND AM47 INTO SPACE!!  I just entered a contest to win a Zero-Gravity Trip Off-World sponsored by Swiss timepiece maker Fortis! Fortis released a “47” line of elegant watches this year and the themes of these fine watches UNCANNILY reflect the mission and voyage of Project AM47! The 2012 Fortis 47 line includes a “47 Mysterious Planets” watch and a “47 World Timer” watch featuring a spinning Earth as viewed from the North Pole… The AM47 Point of Elemental AETHYR!! I’ve just contacted Fortis about sponsoring AM47 and offering their fine 47 timepieces as incentives for high-level contributions to Project AM47!! … Send Me Out To The AETHYR Where I Belong!!!!!!!! ALTER MAN 47 Needs Space……..


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