North Korea Nukes Hollywood!!! News @ AM47!


Well, well, well.  Looks like that lil’ bit of “humor” from the Onion about Mr. Un being the sexiest man alive struck a Nerve, Eh.?.  And what have I told You about humor.?. Humor is a SIDE dish, Magic is the Main. Any modern-day ambassador will tell you that. And now North Korea is dead set on test-firing a nuclear rocket at the West Coast of the USA (Hollywood I’d imagine).

Once Again, the global latitude of the ALTER MAN 47 Magical Circumnavigation Ritual goes right through the border of N & S Korea, as well as virtually EVERY OTHER major power/trouble center of humankind around the globe: Beijing, Kashmir, Islamabad, Kabul, Tehran, Armenia, Baghdad, Damascus, Ankara, Athens, Tunisia (Sparkplace of the Arab Spring), New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco (The Once and Future Capitol of CounterCulture), Tokyo, and Seoul/P’Yongyang North Korea.

How much longer can humankind afford to ignore this Magical Working called ‘ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage’??  <¿Alter or Oblivion?>
The USA and Israel seek to Fist-Fuck Force False Prophecy by destabilizing Syria and then on-into Iran for the ARMAGHASM.  <US and Israel out of Mid East… NOW!!>
Why is violent imposition always the default force when confronting these global problems? Is the world’s imagination really so deadened as to consider no other way? <AM47>


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