Help me manifest this Alchemical Voyage in 2013!


I’ve been working on a highly unusual film project called ALTER MAN 47 (AM47) for the past 5 years. It’s going to be a documentary about a crew of neo-counterculturalists aboard an alternatively-fueled ship, on an unprecedented circumnavigation of the globe.

As you might imagine, it’s a BIG project, and something of a longshot. But I wouldn’t be interested in it if it wasn’t a challenge. It would mean a lot to me if you would take a moment to give my first new AM47 Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign a scan. Please feel free to Like it, Comment on it, Share it, and even Contribute as little as $4 to it. If I don’t hit my current $4,700 goal within 33 days from now, You get your money back!

Your contributions now will go toward hiring the folks who can do the things I can’t : The creation of a professional website & video, and professional design, editorial & PR/publicity assistance including a Business Plan, all for $4,700 raised by 26 February 2013.

I had the good fortune of meeting and chatting with (& charming ;) film critic Jan Wahl on Tuesday. I wrote her back today @ the Project AM47 documentary! May she – She may connect me with the folks who can help me make this happen. Excited!! Things like this are happening all the time regarding AM47 and I fully intend to cultivate this Synchronicity as I expect it to continue into the future.

You can follow AM47 updates by visiting and sign up for email, RSS, facebook & twitter feeds, etc., along the right hand column. If enough of us get behind this, we can make my Dream – ‘ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage!’ – a Reality!

Wild Wishing!!


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