The Oblivion of Monotheism

isreali right

Jew vs Arab

In 1947, Israel was “created” as a “return” of those of Semitic ethnicity to their “ancient homeland” after **1,309 YEARS**!
The creation of Israel was designed to essentially reignite the conflict between Judaism/Christianity vs Islam.
The Jewish leaders of the day engineered the sympathy of the United States to achieve this goal of the Jewish state called Israel.
One likes to think that as “humans” “evolve” that they realize that there is no turning back, ESPECIALLY after a thousand years.
After a certain point, too much time has passed and we simply cannot open the old wounds of our long dead ancestors and must MOVE THE FUCK ON.
The Jewish/Arab Conflict is like South America rising to conquer North America and restoring the USA to the Native Americans… in 1,000 years! (Not a bad idea, mind you).
By reigniting these old wounds in the modern era, the USA/Israel are literally HOLDING A GUN TO THE WORLD’S HEAD.
This is a level of Criminal Insanity and self-centered negligence punishable by OBLIVION!!!!!

What’s the answer? The answer is the Ultimate Return to the birthplace of all monotheism at Gonur Depe in Turkmenistan; The ALTER MAN 47 Point of Elemental AIR, and to perform a powerful Magic Ritual there, unprecedented in recorded history.


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