We Need A BIG-SIZE ‘Psychoacoustic Crystal Energy Pyramid’ for the AM47 ship on The Alchemical Voyage!


This is the Pyradyma self-contained electrically powered apparatus designed to stimulate and facilitate the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms. A large size version of a Pyradym integrated into the AM47 ship is exactly the kind of Weird Science that we need on-board the ship along The Alchemical Voyage. I imagine the folks from the Maker Faire are capable of installing this Next Phase Instrument into the ‘nervous system’ of the ship with a large one located at the heart of the ship, with a ‘node-orb’ under the waterline to broadcast to cetacean guests and the Ocean in general. Does anyone know of any other weird science ideas, instruments or techniques that might be considered for inclusion on the AM47 ship? Send Them To ME!


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