The New Moon of ’13 & Fresh Launch of the AM47 Indie GoGo Campaign!


The AM47 Indie GoGo Launch chart! Most fortuitous!!

A largely powerful & auspicious launch for the AM47 Indie Go-Go campaign at 11:47 AM, PST!… I’d expect nothing else. Willpower & Instinct, Sun & Moon are in harmony and are at their most potent too (being on the MC, directly overhead at noon in San Francisco). And being that they are in Sidereal Sagittarius is a great time for both publishing and long journeys, esp. of a philosophical or mystical nature! Artistry in league with the unknown press to decide upon this vast endeavor. Transformation within the nebulous and dreamy is about to give way to a highly assertive and energetic public, hungry for action! The major malefics are gladly exalted and rather unobtrusive at this time today! Generosity is forthcoming in the domain of fine possessions! All-in-all a damn fine chart I must say!! Go ALTER MAN 47!!!


Elegant and unique 47 watches by Swiss Fortis.

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