New AM47 Indie Go-Go campaign set to launch on the New Moon in 3 Days!



(Here’s the current draft for the new Indie Go-Go campaign. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think is working and what is not. I aim to launch it on the first New Moon of ’13 in just 3 days time!!!!!)

AM47 is the voyage of an alt-fueled ex-military cargo ship that’s been retrofitted Burning Man & Maker Faire style, with innovative & interactive alt-living tech & culture exhibits to share with the rest of the world… and we’ll film it all!

Who, What, Why AM47?


I’m an investigative mythologist & I’ve spent the past 5 years chronicling this Project ALTER MAN 47 about a unprecedented and fantastic circumnavigation of the globe. This project came from a Dream & the Synchronicity inherent in the project continues to be uncanny and undeniable, all true and documented at

We need a roughly 300ft decommissioned military cargo vessel with an alt-fuel conversion and a Burning Man styled & Maker Faire equipped retrofit. We’ll fill the ship with a wide variety of innovative & interactive alt-living tech, art & culture exhibits. The ultimate plan is to tour the world to a set host of ports (although sailing down the west & east coasts of the Americas might be more realistic given the late hour and unstable conditions along the original proposed route).

The ship will be a platform for alt-fuel, tech, art & culture featuring fellow creative visionaries from the Burning Man & Maker Faire community and beyond. The cargo bay will be transformed into a kind of Alchemical chamber with a tour path for visitors to be immersed in all the interactive exhibits & be Altered coming out the other end! The crew of the AM47 will all act as ambassadors and demonstrators in the areas of alternative energy, sustainable living, Next Phase culture and extreme collaborative creativity.

The ultimate purpose of the project is to give a symbol to the creation of a global network of people who are passionate about cultivating a grassroots agreement with the future.

What AM47 Needs & What You Get

AM47 is by necessity, a multi-phase project. Something of this scale could be done no other way on Indie Go-Go. So this is essentially Phase 1 of 5. Your contributions now will fund the creation of a professional website & video, as well as professional editorial and PR assistance with a business plan for $4,700 by 26 February 2013.

Phase 2 will be about developing the production company for the project for $47,000 by @ April 2013. Phase 3 will be about amassing the crew of filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, mystics, freaks, lovers, fishermen & perhaps most importantly, benefactors & sponsors needed to populate the ship for $470,000 by @ May 2013. Phase 4 will be about aquiring the actual ship and giving it a retrofit and alt-fuel conversion for $4,700,000 by early-October 2013. Phase 5 will be about the ships operating cost over the 1 year course of the voyage and the production of the documentary films while underway and to follow. By the time we reach Phase 4 & 5 we’ll have secured funding from beyond crowdsourcing in order to see the project through to completion.

Perks for contributions will include articles on You and your interest in this world-shaking project, as well as insider information. Plus a variety of merchandise associated with AM47 including fine wines, techie flashlights, elegant and unique timepieces and more on down the line.

If we don’t reach the goal at each Phase then you will have the option of leaving the funds with me which will continue to go toward the stated goal or we can arrange a refund contract.

The Global Impact of AM47

point of all

AM47 aims to help change the world by trusting that the fascinating and undeniably meaningful Synchronicity that’s associated with the development of the project thus far continues to evolve into truly legendary experiences, captured and broadcast on digital film and otherwise online.

This is your chance to be a part of an amazing adventure that is on the frontiers of an improved reality for the entire world. Although no one has ever done anything quite like this before, I am an experienced world traveller and I’ve lived on ships before. My dedication and credentials as a seeker and a journalist and everything thus far is and will continue to be documented at

Awareness & Sharing Are More Valuable Than Anything


The folks who believe in a project aren’t usually the ones with the cash. More important than anything is the Awareness of the project and that you Share it with others whom you think might dig it. Use the Indie Go-Go share tools and stay abreast of the project by subscribing to and liking the FaceBook & Twitter pages.

Wild Wishing! ~ Jack



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