ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage! is now fundraising on Indiegogo. Like & Share!!


We’ve finally commenced the first fundraising campaign for ALTER MAN 47: The Alchemical Voyage on Indiegogo!
A magical point of view creates a magical reality.
Unless you’re willing to leave the door to magic open in your head, you are far less likely to recognize it when it comes around. Scientism & Religion have done a fine job sealing that door shut like a fluoride calcified pineal gland, but I for one refuse to see the world ‘their’ way and I fight back with MAGIC!
If you’re fighting back too, please take a look at AM47 if you’re into:
– Occult Dream Actualization
– Proof of Non-Entirely Localized Consciousness
– Massive Demonstration of Synchronicity In Effect
The future is a mystical dream that requires your awareness and desire to come true. Don’t ignore the Magical Reality that is struggling to be born!
For a world that has failed to cultivate Magic and ignores Magic when it comes around, will be encouraged on to it’s end.


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