AM47 Point of Elemental FIRE, 2013


This is the chart for the center of sidereal Leo and the opportune time to set FIRE to the Burning Man. Now, as the BM community has largely ignored Project AM47, we see it only fit to conjure a massive thunderstorm on this date & time out there on the Playa.
{ classified ~ Saturn will hit the DC @ 22:30, Sun will hit the “Angel Point” or center of sidereal Leo at 22:47, Moon/Mars will hit the IC at 22:47, and sidereal Aries will rise (AC) at around 23:00. Within this half-hour I will be focusing on a thunderstorm to strike the giant Burning Man effigy and I shall be detailing my techniques. The working will be stronger if I/we can enlist a gang of adepts working toward the same goal. Contact me if you’d like to go deeper. }

EL MANTRA 47 JHSV Military ro-ro

EL MANTRA = The Sound of God.

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