How the shrinking Arctic Sea Ice at the North Pole will make The Alchemy of Project AM47 possible.


{The red arrows show the course of the AM47 ship, The EL MANTRA through the Bering Strait and onto Alert, Nunavut, Canada (the northernmost inhabited settlement on earth), a course that would have been impossible until just a few years ago.}

The 5th and final leg of the ALTER MAN 47 voyage is to sail the ship The EL MANTRA to Alert, Nunavut, North Pole for The ALTER MAN 47 Point of Alchemical AETHYR. As Synchronicity would have it (and does indeed have it at astonishing levels throughout Project ALTER MAN 47), the Arctic Sea Ice at the North Pole just so happens to be at it’s lowest point from September-October: The AM47 Point of Alchemical AETHYR is on October 16th, right between the toes of Sidereal Virgo and the crown of Sidereal Libra and right when the Sea Ice at the North Pole is at it’s most passable by ship!! Yet another amazing, perfect Synchronicity with the rhythms of the humans, the earth and the heavens that is prevalent throughout AM47. You can see a projected melting of the Arctic Sea Ice from 1861-2099 in the following video:

With cosmic irony set firmly on a healthy wretch, the fact that humankind is effectively killing itself by majorly contributing to the melting North Pole is actually the same thing that will enable Project AM47 to reach the 5th and Final Point of Alchemical AETHYR at the North Pole: AM47 aims to further generate Synchronicity and help alter the world’s Destiny by exalting ‘The Pentaform ※ : A psycho-cosmic pyramid crowning Gaia’ at the North Pole! Yes, the universe and reality itself is just that wonderful and strange and unsupervised. We are the ones to steer this giant spaceship earth, and sometimes our weaknesses may be Altered into strengths.

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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