Happy Birthday and Solar Return to all Sidereal LEO’s beginning today! Right Now!!


The Sun enters Sidereal Leo today, 17 August 2013 @ 09:29 PST.

Happy Birthday and Solar Return to all Sidereal Leo’s beginning today!

(Sidereal Leo is currently from August 17th – September 17th)

Why not re-aquaint yourself with your fine Leo self by reading-up on these great sidereal astrology sites:

Excellent summation of Sidereal Leo on this  Western Sidereal Astrology  site.

More Sidereal Leo on The Siderealist.

And Sidereal Leo on Nostredame.

Detailed information on Sidereal Astrology on The Lunar Planner.


The age of the Sphinx is still unknown. The head was most likely that of a lion or perhaps a jackal.


With all the turmoil in Egypt today, what if there really IS a hall of records under the Sphinx and what if muslim extremists dig it up and burn it??

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