Project ALTER MAN 47 Changes Everything!




The difference between the 3 major zodiacs.

Alter Zodiac

(away from the fatally flawed Greco-Roman Zodiac back to the true Babylo-Egyptian Zodiac & lunar calendar.)


Roseanne Barr, 3rd party candidate!

Alter Governance

(away from the fatally flawed 2 party system toward a multiple 3rd party system and beyond.)

images (10)

Silver, atomic# 47, magical, aka “The Peoples Currency”.

Alter Currency

(away from the criminally FED manipulated economy toward a system of value based on real silver, gold, bitcoin and the like.)


Quorn vegan Turk’y Burgers made with 47% mycoprotien! A favorite in the galley on the Starship Enterprise!!

Alter Diet

(away from death, agony and disease toward a sustainable and cruelty-free vegetarian based organic diet.)


Which way will we go? And what kinds of worthless things do people really spend energy on??

Alter Energy

(away from the toxic oil and nuclear industries toward recovering all the suppressed alt-energy technology.)


Scientism and Religion kill Spiritual Imagination.

Alter Belief

(away from the dualistic trappings of scientism and religion toward a more spiritually occultic method of being.)


The completion of Project AM47 might look something like this in your 3rd Eye-Mind.

Alter Humankind

(away from cowed ignorance toward a far more Magical view of humankind’s capability of true change.)

AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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