From the Boston Bombings into the giant, early Malibu Fires during Sidereal Aries and beyond.


Get Hot, Stay Hot!
The Sun and Mars were conjunct as they entered SIDEREAL Aries on 15 April 2013.
Sun + Mars + Aries = FIRE, heat, anger, violence, explosions, confrontation, etc.
1. Boston Bombings on 15 Apr 2013
2. Texas Fertilizer Explosion on 17 Apr 2013
3. Alabama Shipyard Explosion on 24 Apr 2013
4. Detroit Refinery Explosion on 27 Apr 2013
5. The giant early Southern California wildfires crowned this Firey episode coast to coast by igniting on 01 May 2013, the center of Sidereal Aries.

The Fire’s relatively early ignition was as the Sun conjunct Mars hit the center (or “Angel Point”) of Sidereal Aries (Cardinal FIRE)… This is just the tip of the inferno.

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AM47 Earth base w fool20130111073706-5

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