THE FUTURE! Starring President Obama as ALTER MAN 47 !?!


Congratulations President Obama, you just made 100+ people hate me for your actions while you shall remain untouchable. Thanks A LOT Mr. Alter Man 47… the “CHANGE” president in at 47 years old… real neat. I believed in you at a level that few if any others can claim to ever understand and you haven’t altered a damn thing. Americans are in shock after 16 Years of Bush. They thought You were the answer because they simply couldn’t handle any more bad news. You may not be corrupt, but the office is. There are people in government that were there way b4 You and will be there way after. The presidency is on a Need-to-Know basis, and largely out of your control. Still, I hope you are a chess player and that your strategy is long-term, but I think it’s time you test your Bishop and alter the path of your Knight. A Revolutionary Ambassadorial Mission in the form of ALTER MAN 47 lies at your feet… Will you heed it in time.?. It’s Your Move…
Photo: >>THee Dahk Powah cawwsezz through tha Dead Rivers ov my Broken Heaarrt!<<



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