The Alteration of Diet & Time are The Keys to the Survival of Humankind.


The Alteration of Diet and Time are The Keys to the Survival of Humankind.

Diet is simple: refuse to support anything that isn’t organic and (mostly) vegetarian.
Time is complex. Ancient Babylo-Egyptian astrology was essentially lost and dormant from 75 ce until 1881 ce when a German-Catholic Priest was assigned to decipher some ancient carvings. Father Epping published “Astronomy aus Babylon” in 1889 which lead to the rediscovery of the Babylo-Egyptian Sidereal Zodiak: True Astrology.

99% of astrologers today use the False Greco-Roman zodiac, and have been for the past 2,000 years: essentially the entire Age of Pisces, with still another 360 years to go. Humankind will not see through this massive Dark Age to the Age of Aquarius if it doesn’t Alter Diet & Time.

AM47 Earth base w fool


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