A greater occult reality shapes the course of the future.

So much needless suffering and confusion from being divorced of the earth and sky. What are we without the apprehension of the Alchemical Waves that permeate all things? For lack of better words we use Fire, Water, Air, Earth (each expressed in a trifold quality) & AEthyr as the *13* intra-ex elements which our bodily Awareness interfaces with *reality*. Very rarely souls come along that recognize this eternal pattern as manifest in the physical world. This usually occurs at a time ov great change within the Dreamer’s world, and serves as a hyper-beacon reminder indicative of the greater occult reality that shapes the course of the future. AM47 is just such a thing and I am a Dreamer. You are a Dreamer too with a fierce imagination & an empty heart that desperately needs filling.


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