What does it take to catalyze a mystical existence?

The first early voter in the crucial swing state of Ohio was sportin' the 47.

The first early voter of the 2012 election in the crucial swing state of Ohio was sportin’ the 47.

Oy. Did you fucking pay attention to the News today and see all the bloody shite that was happening largely due to the Western Penchant for domination?? Did you.?. And did you ever long for a free fucking society that developed a culture that lived in harmony with the goddamn planets and earth? Did you? And are you Not now furious that you’re mate here busted his arse to lay down the celestial law in such a form that even the most craven of us could ill-afford to ignore??? EH? Did You Now? This is your fucking life mate. Make something of it. Here. I’ve done the job. Now help me help us get PAID in full!

I wonder just how loud one can & must become here… online, esp. when a profound mystical schematic is in place and so much is at stake. I wonder what noise it might take? If one were to display, say, powers that could only be supernaturally derived, wherein one gained and cast knowledge that one could not have possibly acquired via direct experience and insobeing must be the result of some magical attenuation to a greater reality. Could I, say, condemn a *world leader* to a month on a specialized LSD obstacle course? Well why not.  After all, I wouldn’t sentence anyone to do something that I myself haven’t tried. I mean, what would it take for the FBI or CIA or NSA to swoop down and lift me from my penchant of saying whatever in the fuck I wanted to? Ah. But then you, dear reader, you would know that what I was saying was true and then you’d want to pay attention to my Master Plan. So, I can’t even get nabbed by the fuzz for being a *revolutionary*. What a friggin trap this is. So frustrating to hold a better way of being under a culture that suppresses it’s own future. Very sad.

(BTW, If THEY ARE watching you, make your life irresistible! ;)

So, with Project AM47 I’ve proven that the seat of Awareness isn’t localized to the brain. So what follows that?? What follows is the dynamics of how Awareness interacts with itself within this chaotic mind-field. The Ancients had a vast hold on this psychic phenomenon and understood that everything outside is inside and vice-versa.

Yet that somehow the inner world held a slight sway over the outer world. Why this was so was not as important as how this was done, which as they discovered was planetary, which is to say, astrological. Either from ages of observation or by the direct tutelage of an alien race, mankind formed the patterns in darkness that continue to this day.

A few abide by the original Sumero-Babylo-Egyptian astrology, yet others that have forsaken their historical studies in favor of the more *modern* (& erroneous) Greco-Roman astrology still hold sway in this world today; In spite of all the modern astronomy that is in line with the original S-B-Egyptian reckoning of space-time.

Isn’t it obvious that mankind is at schitzoid odds with itself and everything around it? And why does it not see or care that it is it’s own predation? Because it is as divorced from above as it is below, as far from the sky as it is from the sea. If mankind realized it’s connection to everything then we would be living in none other than a New Eden.

How did I prove this connection? What information did I receive in an un-ordinary way?? It’s not easy to describe in a few short sentences. All I can tell you is that with a light bit of reading and a trust in what I say will reveal not only the facts, but the state of mind necessary to grasp similar experiences of your OWN!

read ~ AM47

An Unsane Amount 2 DO.

An Unsane Amount 2 DO.

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