The AM47 Point of WATER on 01 Dec 2012, center of mid-Sidereal Scorpio.


Point of WATER, San Francisco


Point of WATER, Japan Trench

(01 Dec 2012) On the AM47 Point of WATER this year, I was finishing the 1st official grant proposal for AM47. Only Big Bad News from the actual Point of WATER at the Japan Trench: X-day – when Fukushima plant discharges millions of tones of the contaminated water to Pacific oceanUN expert: Japan’s view on Fukushima too optimistic… Expecting Godzilla to grace our reality any day now.

(03 Dec 2012) While working at the American Geophysical Union conference: NASA is giving the slow reveal of life in Martian water (Scorpionic!), James Cameron is talking about a return voyage to the bottom of the sea (near the AM47 Point of WATER – Scorpionic!!), and no one from JPL (NASA) knows wtf I’m talking about when I mention that their founder is the infamous occultist Jack Parsons (Scorpionic!!!).

Sidereal Scorpio: Nov 17 - Dec 16.

Sidereal Scorpio: Nov 17 – Dec 16.

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