This is the 1ST official grant proposal by Project AM47!



Today I  submitted a grant proposal to BRAF that required a 300 character intro, a 1500 character summary, a 1500 character validation and 2 media files. Here it is:

‘AM47 is a project of astonishing Synchronicity. We need a 300ft decommissioned military vessel w/an alt-fuel conversion and a BMan styled & Maker Faire equipped retrofit. We’ll fill the ship with all manner of interactive alt-living tech & culture exhibits and tour the globe to a set host of ports.’

‘AM47 is an ongoing project of extreme collaborative creativity. We are going to chronicle a voyage aboard a 300ft decommissioned military vessel that’s been altered into an alt-fueled, MakerFaire equipped & BurningMan styled ship of dreams on an unprecedented circumnavigation of the globe to help raise the Awareness of mankind.
The trip will take 1 year to complete, set to the ancient Egyptian/Sidereal Zodiacal year. In addition to set ports of call AM47 will connect 4 specific points discovered to have profound Alchemical significance and order, each relating to the 4 Classical Elements: FIRE = San Francisco, WATER = Japan Trench, AIR = Turkmenistan, EARTH = Azores & also AETHYR = North Pole.
Remarkable Synchronicity is associated with the development of the project thus far (documented @ & we fully expect this to continue & evolve into truly legendary experiences. The 2008 biofueled race around the globe called Earthrace & the annual BurningMan pilgrimage were major inspirations in the development of AM47. In many ways AM47 is like the Alchemical progression of Burning Man taken to The 4 Corners of the Earth via The 7 Seas.
AM47 grew out of Vision Dreaming, Alchemy, Sidereal Astrology, & even inter-special cetacean-human communication! AM47 is demonstrating that these spiritual techniques are crucial to the future of mankind by documenting their effects & developing ways they can be used together to improve our inner reality & our outer world along the journey.’

‘The ship is a platform for alt-fuel, tech, art & culture featuring fellow creative visionaries from the BMan & MakerFaire community. The cargo bay will be transformed into a kind of Alchemical chamber with a tour path for visitors to be immersed in all the interactive exhibits & be Altered coming out the other end!
I’ve been developing AM47 since 2007 & the Synchronicity w/the BManProject’s mission is uncanny. The BMP has stated goals “to grow the BMan cultural movement by facilitating the spread of the BMan ethos around the world & around the year!” with “sites for ritual & (FIRE!) ceremony” here in S.F. In fact, all the necessary components to make AM47 a reality are in the Bay Area!
In addition to the Alchemical mission of AM47, we will also be visiting receptive & developing ports (S.E. Asia, Myanmar, India, etc.) along the way for alt-fuel demo’s/providers/sponsors, BMan coastal regionals, etc. BRSolar could provide some of the ships solar energy needs as well.
Due to the scope of AM47, we’re looking to BRAF for partial funding toward a better website, better video, better design, scale model of the ship, business plan, editorial development, crowdsourcing campaigns, preping for other grants & general publicity. I’m guessing a fiscal agent will be required as well. We are seeking a crew of filmmakers, artists, musicians, writers, scientists, mystics, freaks, lovers, fishermen & perhaps most importantly, benefactors to depart from San Francisco to Japan by 16 Oct 2013.’

And that’s how it’s done!!!



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