Superstorm Sanderella and the Point of AETHYR

Ah-ha! So… the gestation of Superstorm Sanderella really began @ this past New Moon on 15 Oct 2012, which happened to closely coincide with the AM47 Point of Elemental AETHYR on 17 Oct 2012.

Sanderella made landfall on the Full Moon (29 Oct 2012), just 1 degree North of the latitude of the AM47 Magic Circumnavigatorial Circle around the world @ 37′ 47″ N.

Not Only That, but her landfall (as looking down upon this Earth from the North Pole) was ExactlY 90 degrees around the globe from the AM47 Ship’s course that (after completing it’s Alchemical circumnavigation of the globe from San Francisco around and back to San Francisco) was/is to sail up through the Bering Straight (btwn Alaska and Russia) to the AM47 Point of AETHYR @ the North Pole (next chance in 2014).

That means that Sanderella and AM47 share 3 factors: Time, Location, & Course. Any 2 factors could be a “coincidence”, but all 3 factors is indicative of Synchronicity: The universe speaking via entanglement. Pretty fuckin heavy, no.?.

Read much more about the Sidereal Astrology of Sanderella HERE.

And much more about the AM47 Point of AETHYR HERE.

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