Quenching Woman after Burning Man

Konnichiwa Burners of Japan!

Hopefully this will translate well into kanji!!

I’m working with the Burning Man Project here in San Francisco to “Take the spirit and culture of Burning Man around the world and around the year!”

Our mission is to discover “What’s YOUR Off-Playa Burning Man Project?”

My Off-Playa BM Project is to celebrate ALL the Alchemical Elements: FIRE, WATER, AIR, EARTH and also AETHYR, around the world and around the year.

I have discovered that the East Coast of Japan is an ideal place to hold a WATER ceremony for many astounding reasons. Think of a Burning Man-like event (but not so big) where the focus is all the wonderfully strange and beautiful properties of WATER. This WATER ceremony should rightly culminate on 01 December 2012 (& 2013, etc.) in mid-Sidereal Scorpio (Water) according to the ancient Babylo-Egyptian Zodiacal Year.

The Burning Man event takes place @ 01 September 2012, which is right in the middle of Sidereal Leo (Fire), according to the ancient Babylo-Egyptian Zodiacal Year. My project is to sail a decommissioned military vessel that has undergone an alternative-fuel conversion, around the world over the course of a year, set to the ancient Babylo-Egyptian Zodiacal year. We are going to fill the ship with all manner of alternative tech and culture, and visit many ports-of-call along the way, demonstrating and sharing our best.

You can learn much more about the magic of this Project AM47 HERE.

And specifically how it relates to Japan HERE.

Although the ship was not ready for the scheduled departure this year on 17 October 2012, we are aiming to depart on 16 October 2013.

We would however still like to hold a WATER Focused ceremony on 01 December 2012. I hope to fly to Japan in a few weeks and I would like to know if anyone there in Japan would like to help me organize this event. Please have a look at the links and please feel free to email me anytime!

Arigatou gozaimasu


突飛 希望!!

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